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14 years 10 months ago #31433 by efex101
Exactly, and although docs are usually "not" in harsh conditions (combat wise) do not bet your stethoscope it will always be like this...remember the needs of the military come FIRST period. This means you may one day be called up to be in a conflict area and God forbid you may pay with your life. As long as you go in with your eyes WIDE open you will be fine. The military is not just to get your medical school paid for and move on...it is a way of life that if you are not willing to sacrifice your life for it well...it may not be worth it. Again, anyone in the military is FIRST a soldier/marine/airmen/sailor just remember that.

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14 years 10 months ago #31434 by Dental-Mom
One of my ralatives joined the Navy deal for Dental school. He went to school in Colorado, then when he was done they moved him to San Diego. His wife had a preemie and they didn't have to pay for anything. After 4 yrs he moved back to Colorado, and becuase all of his experince in the Navy he started working for a Dentist at a very high salary.....

Now he makes $240,000 a year and has no student loan. He gets calls from time to time to do confidential stuff for the Navy. He says that the experience was so nice that he would do it all over again. Is he a reserve? I really don't know. But that was for dental school.....it seems like MDs have a higher risk of been sent away....

Good luck! I'll look into it when the time comes.

Dental mom.

Dental Mom<br />Determination: You don't know what you can do until you try.<br />Applying this summer<br />Dental school 2010!

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14 years 9 months ago #31435 by MTaylor
I've been reading the responses, and wanted to add my POV.

My good friend is in the Navy. We are the same age, graduated from medical school together. Joined, like you Drey, as a result of recruiting in medical school. Although she seems to like it...thru her experience, I can see I'd absolutely HATE it.

They paid her way thru school...plus books, stipends, and all the other goodies. After med school she had to do a Navy internship (in a specialty she didn't choose). Then she had to (chose to go ahead and) do 2 years of "pay-back" as a GMO. During this time she was on an aircraft carrier, traveling around the world (again, she seemed to love it...but it took her away from her friends and family, causing her to delay even further having a life that she's more in control of.) She was one of only a few women on the entire ship.

Then she came back, and has to finish residency...which she's doing at a military hospital (in an specialty of her choice). But...while she's a resident, she starts accumulating "time-owed." So, after finishing residency (5 or 6 years after graduating from medical school), she owes them an additional 2-3 years - the 2/3 years they covered her for residency. These 3 years are going to be served overseas...maybe Asia, maybe...she doesn't know. She doesn't necessarly want to go overseas anymore. At 33 she's ready to spend the next 2 years finishing residency, then get married, have a baby, etc. But...she has living alone overseas to look forward to. AND, they may add on an extra year (as they've been doing to the doctors as a result of the war), being that any man would have to be extremely understanding to wait for her, or move with her. When she's finally done "paying them back," she'll be 9-10 years out of residency. (In total, I think she'll end up paying them back for 3 years of medical school, and 2 years of residency - 2 of which she's done already, and 3 of which she has yet to do. The the active reserve, then the inactive reserve...)

Moving around (potentially) against your will...sacrificing further the development of the other aspects of your life. And potentially having to go to hostile enviornments if the need arisies. All...for a war that *I* am bitter about....

There are a few residents that got pulled away, either as residents, or immediately following residency...to go to places like Turkey and Japan. They had new houses, new marriages, small children, etc...and had to up and leave 'em, with 2 weeks notice.

Being under the control of the military isn't...where I'd want to be. I would much rather pay my own way...and suffer thru on loans and top ramen...but have more choices once I finished. And watching her...struggle for, and long for, the life I have now...the balance, the husband, the relationships, family, baby, the choices...reaffirms that the military isn't for everyone.

p.s. I'll double check with her via email, and once I have a response, I'll update/correct any wrong information about her experience/obligation to the Navy.

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14 years 9 months ago #31436 by sargasso
this area is a military area and we do rotations at the military hospital. so i got an earful when i worked there last summer!
- yes many military physicians did have to go to war zones
- military physicians get transferred like any other position
- so you get placed at a military installation for your residency
-you enter a general residency and if it's war time, they close down all specialty training. so you may not be able to go into radiology, for example, if you want.
- apparently the residents make more than civlian residents but after residency they make less.

you do get a book allowance, stipend, etc. while in med school and you don't have to worry about a match per se. but eveyrone one i met was trying to get out. well 2 out of 3 people anyway.

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14 years 9 months ago #31437 by Lathiana
As a prior-military person myself, I thought I would add a bit to this thread... This is a really great opportunity to take advantage of, but make sure you weigh all of you options. As others have said, find out what your obligation is afterwards before you commit. Another option, if you are just wanting to have less debt, is to look into joining the Guard or Reserves and opting for the student loan repayment option rather than committing yourself to a timeframe where, realistically, you could be called to go anywhere. Physicians of any genre are needed in the overseas war zones, and that is a big thing to keep in the front of your thoughts.

On the other hand, if I were not married with children, I would never have gotten out of the service. You will never receive benefits like the military can give you, but it does come with a price. If you are single, then I say why not! If you are married or have children (or both), look around for alternatives, for the military is very demanding on your time.

All in all, the decision is yours to make! There are definate bonuses to the program; Make sure that you are well informed, and you will be happy with whichever direction you choose to go. :)

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14 years 9 months ago #31438 by MTaylor
This is the email reply I got from my friend:

I will owe, 3 yrs active duty time after residency and 5 years inactive reserve status. A total of 8 yrs. Had I did a 4 yr scholarship it would be 4 active and 4 inactive. Yes, intership and residency doesn't count. The time I put in as a GMO (general medical officer) counts towards payback for medical school. But since I did a residency that time takes presedence over medical school so I still owe 3 yrs (3 yrs of residency) even though I payed 2 yrs back of my medical school time as a GMO. I could have did 3 yrs GMO got out and did civilian residency, but they ususally want you to repeat internship even though you are practicing for at least 3 yrs as a general practioner. Plus I'm known in hte Navy world, not in the civilian world so getting my pick was more of a guarentee.

So...she payed back 2 and still owes 3 more...bottom line. Then she has 5 years of inactive reserve. And all this for 3 years of medical school "perks." To me, it wouldn't be worth it...

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