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Balancing it all & science courses for a non-science major

16 years 3 months ago #31648 by tammy
I just need some encouragement...how do you balance it all? I work full time, am married, have a 5 year old daughter about to start kindergarten, and need to take Ochem 1&2 and Physics 1&2 at the least. My husband is laid off right now which makes things more difficult. Any suggestions, encouragement? I try to be good with my time but feel guilty when studying chemistry instead of playing Barbies with my daughter.

Also, being a non science major (graduated 2002 with BA in gerontology) does anyone have any suggestions on science classes? I know I need to take the basic required year of bio, physics, chem, and ochem, but being a nonscience major, should I take other science classes and any suggestions on those that are helpful?

Thanks...this website is awesome! It's so helpful to have people who understand and share in your dream. So many people think it is crazy that I even attempt this...thanks for all your support!

Tammy :)

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16 years 3 months ago #31649 by maggie52
YOu can do it.
O CHem was horrible but I took it in an accel manner- Ochem 1 in 6 weeks, Ochem2 in the next six weeks. If you didn't work full time maybe you could do such a thing. When your husband returns to work could you do full time school for a while ( to get the credits out of the way.)
CAn you do classes by correspondence? My husband does long distance ed with Penn State.

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16 years 3 months ago #31650 by efex101
You will have to manage your time very very wisely. I think that we all feel guilty at times about studying versus spending time with our kids, but you have to do it (sometimes) if you want to do well in your classes. Study after your kids go to bed, I often only get about 5 hrs of sleep which is fine, but yeah it sucks. I would suggest taking it easy, start off with general bio and lab, then go to chem and lab, etc..do not try to rush it, you must do well. Get your feet wet with one class, if you can kick arse then add more. I hate to say this (not to discourage you or anything) but you better get used to the ton of science and hardly no time sometimes feeling, it will get worse during med school as far as the class load...but I cannot vouch for this for I yet have to get in. I am now applying, and the application process itself can be grueling but very exciting. Keep your eyes on the prize and take it easy, enjoy the journey!

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16 years 3 months ago #31651 by JerseyAsh
Tammy-Although I am not a mom, so I can't relate in that area (and I give you all the credit in the world for doing this while being a mom, it's awesome!)...I am a non science major, psychology to be exact. I am going to be a senior this fall so I have been through all of the relevant science courses (and some extras) so I can definitely give you some advice. As you know, you will have to take OChem and Physics, the classes we all dread. However,many people I know that aren't bio majors felt like they did not have enough bio prior to the mcat or med school. However, I took the general biology class in college, but then I also took Cell Biology, Anatomy&Physiology I and II, and Pathophysiology and I have been very pleased. Soo, I would DEFINITELY take a Cell Biology course if you take anything because that will cover the crucial parts of biochemistry, molecular genetics, and other topics that are highly tested on the MCAT. Also, if you can take an Anatomy/Physiology class that would also help you because the MCAT loves those topics, too. Right now those are my top suggestions, but if you have any other questions..let me know...I'd be glad to give advice

:D Ashley

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