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Stressing it a bit!

14 years 10 months ago #33390 by Lathiana
I know everyone has a bad semester or two, but mine happen to be happening as I am becoming a junior! I have had alot of family setbacks this and last semester, and am finding myself struggling to keep B's in my science classes. I am faced with the possibility of having a C in one, and it disturbs me, for I know that the competition I am up against is going to have better grades than this. I know alot of other threads have had this same vibe, but how do you keep your hopes up when all of your advisors tell you to choose another field or tell you that you will NEVER make it into med school, no matter the reason? I am just a bit bummed, for I have come back to school full time, but I do not know how to keep my grades up and give my family the attention and help that it needs...

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14 years 10 months ago #33391 by efex101
Well getting one C or two is not the end of the world! sure if you are mostly getting C's then you may need to focus on how to go about changing this...it can be done (getting good grades and having a family) but you do have to buckle down and give "up" a lot of down time. I did extremely well in undergrad with two kiddos and a husband that was always gone...but I had hardly any time for "fun" stuff. I studied a lot to keep my grades up and my time with family was somewhat cut back due to my need for study time..you have to do what you have to do. Take a good objective look at how you spend most of your time and go from there...is there bits and pieces where you "could" be studying? is there too much time spent of family and not enough in the books? it is best to go slow and get A's then rush through and not do as well.

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