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15 years 3 months ago #34808 by zetanursee
Hello All
I am back again. I have been a bit busy lately. I am not sure where to begin so I will start at the begining. I am currently a registered Nurse who is dying to become a doctor. I have a 7 year old son and I am engaged to be married. I received my BSN in 2000 and I am currently a Pre medical student attending Columbia University. All I need to complete the Pre reqs for med school are my orgo I and II and g Chem II. According to most of the medical schools the science that I took in undergrad should represent my preqs once I get a decent grade on my Mcats.

The problem is that I am going to have to leave Columbia University's program the tution is way to pricey also they where very unhappy with the C that I got in Physics so I took a leave of absence. I am not sure if I can be competitive at most school because of my drop in Gpa as a result of the C in physics. I must honestly say I tried very hard but I could not grasp physics. I do not want to repeat the course. I had a tutor and studied within a group.

I did pretty decent in my undrgrad science they all equaled out to B's and A's. I was told that it did not matter what you post bacch Gpa equaled out to because medical schools use your undergrad GPA for admittance. I am not sure how true that is( can anyone fill me in on that aspect)
If there are any othere nurses out there please tell me what you planning to do to prepare for med school are you taking the science courses over or are you just adding extra biology course like Genetics. I really do not want to chicken out on my dream please ladies give me advice. It is so easy when you are already an RN to just take the Nurse Practioner route or become a CNA. I do not want that but I am afraid that I will not be as compeptitive in med schools as other applicants.

I am planning to attend a different school this semester. I am sure that it will help. I just needed to vent a bit. I have never really wanted something so much in my life but I am 26 and I am afraid that my dream is going downhill because of my C in physics. I was suppose to take the april Mcats but I took this summer off to think about what I want to do. Now I am a semester behind. Does anyone know the disadvantages of the taking the August Mcats. Well I think I have talked off everyone's ears so thank you for the opportunity to vent once again. This felt good and I welcome anyones comment.

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15 years 3 months ago #34809 by MelissaGray
A C will not kill your chances, even in a pre-req. Make sure that the rest of your grades are as good as possible & do well on the MCAT. While the C does drop your GPA, it is not your entire GPA. :)

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15 years 3 months ago #34810 by PremedRN
Hello and welcome back! For starters, I know some docs who did not do that well in physics, but did very well in the other prereqs, some have even said " you have to be certain type of thinker for this class or that...", they obviously got in. I understand your disdain about getting a C in physics. I will start physics here in a few weeks, and just got my books today....it looks intimidating.

As you know, I am a RN too, but an ADN so Im sure I took all the science classes you did since we all BSN or ADN have to take those same classes. I am culminating the ADN I already have into a BLS (liberal studies)...I took genetics, cell biology, gross human anatomy, and will be taking biochemistry, as far as other chemistry, I already took gen chem, and will then just be taking Ochem.
So are you working a lot, could that have had something to do with your C? I work resource, so I dont have to work so many hours to make ends meet.

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15 years 3 months ago #34811 by doraku
trust me...its not the end of the world. I am about to graduate med school and there have been so many crises along the way that I thought would end my career. But they didn't...here I am, about to be a doctor. I also got a C somewhere along the way in college (see, it was so insignificant I can't even remember) and I had to take the MCATs TWICE. I thought it was the worst thing ever but I did great the second time, got tons of interviews and had to choose between 4 different MD programs. Also, its clutch that you already have health care experience and a family and you're still managing to go to one of the best schools in the country and do well. I probably would have thought twice about medicine if I saw what doctors put up with everyday. So don't worry. You'll be posting something next year about how much you hate anatomy and which book you should buy for the dissections. :D

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15 years 3 months ago #34812 by zetanursee
Thank you ladies for your support. I am just questioning if I should take the Mcats next year August or wait and take more biology/biochem classses. Thank you so much. You gave me that exstra boost. I sometimes feel that I am so behind I need to catch up so as a result I worry about time. WHat do you ladies suggest should I take more biology classes for another year or should I just give the Mcats a shot next August.

My remaining schedule looks like this Organic Chem Fall Organic Chem II Spring G chem II summer 95. August Mcats. I am taking the classes in this sequence because of the way the classes are offered. Any suggestions.

Oh yeah I definetly working to make ends meet.

Doraku thanks for those kind words I have to start thinking more positive.

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15 years 3 months ago #34813 by Marilyn
Please don't let the C worry you too much. I got my first C last semester in gen Chem 1 and it just about devestated me at the time. But I don't give it much thought now, its nothing I'm going to worry about and I am not taking that class over.

Doraku, thanks for your response, its nice to hear from people who are actually in med school telling us it will be ok with a C.


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