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Lack of support for career choice?

17 years 4 months ago #35900 by healthyplus
Hello everyone. I just wanted to say that I am truly inspired by all of the women here, who have made the decision to become health professionals. I have been one of those women, who has let life pass me by, have two children, NO FAMILY SUPPORT, and 32 college credits. I want to pursue a career in the health profession, but feel that I am not smart enough. Sometimes I will build up enough courage and say, "enough is enough." But then I always bring up the what ifs!What if I don't make it? What if my children become rebellious because I am always studying and not spending time with them? What if I don't make it? (Said that already) Growing up in a household where my parents died when I was a kid, I never had the proper guidance. After graduating high school,I went away to school,just to be going. Did barely nothing there, and decided to join the Navy. Did that, but fell in love too quick, had my son, and relocated on his father's terms. Had second son, things did not last in the relationship. I have always tried to go to school, but always had babysitting issues. Currently, I am looking for schools that have on campus family housing. Preferably on the East coast. I will be 28 this year, and feel as though I have accomplished one thing, and that is by coming to this website and realizing that there are people out there trying to do the same thing I am wanting to do. I believe it can be done, but if I can just receive a little bit of advice as to where do I START? Thanks,and sorry for the long message, but I needed to let someone know this.

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