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Losing Hope

14 years 8 months ago #35973 by Maddie

I am so worried about my pre-req's. I am in General Chemistry II right now and I am really struggling with this stuff. Being in medicine has always been my dream, but there are some days when I just am at a total loss as to what to do. Next year will be organic chemistry and physics, which I am afraid to take at the same time but I guess it is the "normal" curriculum here at my school. I'm really not a fan of chemistry and I heard physics is a killer. I love bio though. I need some support!!!! Any of you have problems? How'd you make it through? :(

Love u guys!

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14 years 8 months ago #35974 by Duck
You do everything possible to succeed like...

1. Talk to your instructor.

2. Get a tutor...many colleges/universities have
tutoring labs, etc.

3. I often work with my classmates, we discuss
problems by phone, in person.

4. You also need to make sure that you
put in the maximum number of study hours per
day (some people might study every other day,
etc.). When I study daily, it makes the
subject matter less intimidating and me more
confident. ;)

5. I use the internet to reinforce and clear up
what I don't understand.

6. Last but not least...come to this site
often :goodvibes:

Hope this helps.


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14 years 8 months ago #35975 by MDgoing2be
Love your advise Duck! Sometimes being a pre-med student feels the same as saying "I think I will climb Mt. Everest." However, I truly believe that God puts it in our hearts to be doctors, its a destiny. If we are truly "called" to it, we will make it.

Happy studying!


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14 years 8 months ago #35976 by HaleysMom
Well, I havent made it through yet, but I KNOW how you feel. I used to sit in my Chemistry lab looking around me at all the other people hard at work on their experiments and stare at my assignment thinking "how do I do this?!" Everyone else seemed to get it, and I'd just think, I do not belong here! But you know what- anything can be learned and you'll just have to work a little harder. But it doesnt mean you cant do it. I used to go to my Chemsitry teachers office hours everyday and bug him until I understood the material.
I have to take statistics and micro next semester and I know its gonna be SO hard, and I have two small children. But my motivation and dream to wanna be something is so strong. I wouldnt take anymore than 2 science classes at a time. Because you need good grades- belive me you dont wanna take them again. Really just focus on the grade not the time schedule. Because time is gonna go by whether you do anything or not.Ive already been taking classes 6 years. If you need help with study techniques just ask on here and everyone will help or I will be happy to. Hope that helps

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14 years 8 months ago #35977 by JenJen
Never ever lose hope and sight of your dream.Hey I know how you feel, we're in the same boat. Chemistry classes were grueling, I had to take Gen. Chem II again. I heard Physics was on a whole another level and right now, I am taking a Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy class, which we had a test on yesterday, and I think I messed up my average :banghead: . But I never lost hope, I still continue to fight to prove myself worthy everyday, I pray and I do believe that God would provide a way, all you have to do is ask. Take everything as a lesson, and when you stumble, PICK YOURSELF BACK UP AGAIN and don't dwell on the past. Find the help that you need, go to office hours and say "hey what do I need to do to be sucessful in your class." But have confidence in yourself and tell yourself that you are going to make it and you are going to get ahead and you will become a doctor. Now get in there and fight!! :D

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14 years 8 months ago #35978 by Cabinbuilder
I totally remember those days when you feel like the dream is so far out of your grasp that you feel like giving up. It was bad enough for me that my own advisor told me I would never make it along with the director of the program at the univeristy of washington.

But you know what?? I did make it and am now third year. It took me 15 years to get to this point but hey, I got there.

So here's the thing:

1. You cannot be shy in class, you have to have self motivation and make yourself be known bythe prof. If they know who you are and you are borderline, you usually get bumped to the next grade.

2. For every 10 people who knock you down, there is that 1 who believes in you. Cling to that one because they are your true advocate. Its so easy to be bogged down in despair. Revel in happiness and success and friendship.

3. If you need to take a class over - that's OK. Perseverence is the key to success. It shows that you are human and have the willingness to go back and better yourself. There are many many classes I took over.

4. NEVER EVER TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER. ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE A WOMAN AND ITS COMING FROM A MAN. What do they know about you???? A man generally cannot juggle all the things women do every day. You would not believe the things that have been said to be. My answer??? HAH!!! Just watch me.

5. If you do not get into medical school the first time you re-apply and apply as early as possible. The sea of students is vast and the pool fluctuates year to year. (I applied 3 times)

6. Don't cut yourself short. If you have to move then move. The wider the net of applications the higher your chance of acceptance.

Soooo, you are your own worst enemy. Cling to your supporters and it will come. There is always hope.

LECOM Class 2006
Osteopathic Family Practice Resdincy 2009
Locum Tenens: Urgent Care/Rural Medicine.

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