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12 years 1 month ago #36309 by CFMed
Charlotte- It is still extremely lame that she would say that. That seems like plain old criticism to me, nothing constructive about it. Try to forget it and remember how well you have done so far. That 's a bummer about feeling like you're the only serious student. I'm not super competitive but I find that having other eager students around really helps me focus. Just spend a lot of time on MomMD and you should be fine. :)

Hi Dorise! Sorry you're feeling behind but I agree that you can absolutely catch up. I plan on being a fixture at the tutoring center too, starting next week. I am going to be asking them for referrals by the end. :laughing:

I had a meeting with my adviser yesterday and got some good news. She said that if I knock out my last remaining physics class this year (1 quarter left!) then I can take the MCATs and apply NEXT summer and then go on to finish genetics and biochem! Wow! i completely thought that I was going to have to wait two more years before even taking the MCATs. Of course it does mean that winter quarter will be hell (Bio, OChem, physics) and I'll have to cut back work to less than 15 hrs/week, but I'm game. Bring it on.

Now I have to start worrying about letters of recommendation....gah.

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