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U.C. Davis student, anyone?

15 years 5 days ago #36531 by annelillyth
hi.I am new to this, sort of stumbled upon it through internet surfing. Anyways, my question is to you, because upon reading your message, it inspired me. Anyways, I'm a UCDavis undergrad, English major, and planning to attend Med school in that "nontraditional way." My question is what kind of preparations did you have to do, considering the MCAT is nothing close to liberal arts. Did you have to take a minor in a science, like I said, I am now just considering med school, I haven't even talked to any counselors yet, and therefore kind of weary about the future and all. Any advice, comments, are good. I just want to know the opinion of someone who's been there, and had gone through something that I am probably going to experience soon. Thanks.

Originally posted by Lynnecfmd:
Hi, I'm a physician in practice at Davis, CA. I grew up in Martinez, but didn't take a direct path to med school. I went to Cal State Hayward, and got a degree in Spanish, then moved to Reno, where I returned to college and got a premed degree after I figured out what to do. I then applied to medical school, got rejected twice, then accepted at the last minute by University of Nevada, Reno. Davis wouldn't consider me at the time, because my grades were not 4.0, is what I was told. I ended up doing residency in OB/GYN, in Milwaukee, WI, then returning to private practice in Davis. I eventually became a staff gynecologist at Student Health as a part time volunteer at UCDavis! I am now in private practice in Sacramento and still live in Davis. It's a very interesting town, but the med school is riding on its reputation, and has difficulty providing enough clinical experiences for its students due to the HMO density in Northern California. I guess I'm sending this to you to recommend you don't limit your choices of schools to only one!
Good Luck!

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15 years 5 days ago #36532 by Melons778
I am currently a CC student and I am almost done with my "pre-med" classes and then I will be transferring to UC DAVIS in Fall 2005. I really want to attend medical school at UC DAVIS also. :crossfingers: I wish you luck. :)

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15 years 4 days ago #36533 by Dr.cshelz

I am still undergrad but saw UC DAVIS. My hubby finished at UC DAVIS in 1994. We lived there for 2 years after that while he worked. Two of our good friends went to Medical School back then and loved it. We grew up in Antioch and Brentwood. Our family is all up there but we have been in Southern Cali for 8 years now. Good luck to you all.


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