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Awesome Shadowing Experience!

15 years 9 months ago #37302 by StartingOver
Hello! I've been absent from MomMD for awhile, but I just wanted to share an awesome shadowing experience I had last week shadowing Dr. Natalie Belle, a 2nd-year surgical resident, at the VA Hospital in Salem, VA.

Because I'm a member of OldPreMeds, a forum for non-traditional premed and medical students, I tend to post a little more actively over there than here, but I haven't forgotten about all of the wonderful women of MomMd and I'm sorry for my absence.

Anyways, I posted my experiences on OPM and I've included the web link below. I should warn you that my post is extremely long and some of it is graphic in nature, but I'm sure you can all handle it. ;)

I hope it's inspiring for those who discouraged right now.



P.S. If the link doesn't work, it's www.oldpremeds.org and under one of the PreMed forums.

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