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Want to Go Into Neurosurgery, Specific UG Degree?

10 years 5 months ago #40325 by Sylven
Currently, I am a premed/psychology student. Originally, my advisor told me it really didn't matter what type of undergrad degree I got, but now that I'm doing research more specific to my specialty of choice, neurosurgery, it seems like most going into that field have science degrees and even masters. Is that really necessary? Is it helpful? Would psychology prepare me enough, or should I really start looking at something with a stronger emphasis in hard science? Any advise would be great.

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10 years 5 months ago #40326 by Drme2b
I just responded to your post in another thread about neurosurgery. No, it doesn't matter what your undergrad is. It IS very helpful if you start getting involved in neurosurgery research in some capacity. I know most will tell you it is too early, but I am working with some of the foremost neurosurgeons in the country right now on research so I too can get a leg up when I get into med school next year. And the advice to do this came from them...ALL of them. PM me if you have any questions :-)

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