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Oh Peds!! and residency stuff

4 years 1 month ago #96170 by OHM77
I moved to Southern California B) to pursue a residency in Pediatrics. I know I made the right decision choosing Peds, but I sometimes I wonder if I choose the right program (track) to practice in. When the ACGME came up with the whole track system, I was pleased to know I could tailor my learning and experience. However with new things come unforeseen obstacles. :huh:
The residency I went with is a pretty competitive and prestigious residency, but I choose the primary care track. The this track practices half the time at a county hospital that doesn't possess the resources or reputation. Additionally it is associated residency that isn't that great. I spend a lot of time interacting with family medicine residents who are either FMIG or transitional residents. They are super competitive, which is fine, but they say do things that are flat out wrong. The statements and decisions don't usually hurt patients due to the lack of trust the attendings have for these residents. My intern year I did not know any better, I was so green and fresh. However later in my intern year I started to notice their lack of knowledge, which is fine since their focus was family medicine and not Peds. But to pretend you know the answers is a whole another thing. I started speaking up about things and now all of the sudden I am the trouble maker. This has continued this year. My program was designed to try and provide better care to the patients their but, the residents who have been their all along are feeling very threatened. As with many Pediatric and a few other programs second years are considered seniors. However my program wanted to take it a step further and designated the Pediatric seniors as superiors to the other family medicine second years.... Well apparently the family medicine residents did not get the memo. I think I am the only one who is really facing this since I was the second resident to come through. My co-resident was more of a jokester and had went to school with some of the residents so his transition appeared to go well.
So there are pluses. I get a lot of weekends off that I get spend time with my kids. I hardly ever get close to duty hours and I get more time in clinic (which I love). I also love the categorical residents and my time spent at the main hospital. No matter how hard the work is I feel like I am part of team and not just on my own. When the times are rough I ask myself did I make the right decision my choosing this track???? :dry: :dry: :dry:

Realizing the dream I deferred.

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