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2 years 11 months ago #96808 by Turnaround
I am currently in the middle of surgical residency and am going through the match again. I told my program director back in November about my decision, and said I would finish the year unless they could find someone to replace me sooner (my current year of training is not a prerequisite for what I am applying in).

They hired someone to start in July. Meanwhile, I have been sinking into a pretty bad depression. There were a couple weeks where I was actually a risk to myself. I clearly am not doing my job to the level I should and my emotions have been really hard to manage. I've started to try to get help (should have done sooner) but I just wish I could resign to work on myself and get to a better place prior to starting over in a new training program. Obviously this would put my co residents in a huge bind and I would feel terrible about that. I can't figure out at what point to put myself (my mental health, energy, time to prepare for new field) ahead of my current program. Would appreciate outside perspective.

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1 year 8 months ago #141092 by efex101
I am very sorry you’re going through this, I just saw this message had been a while since I’ve been back on this forum. I hope that you’re doing well and things have worked out for you. Feel free to reach out and PM me

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