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14 years 8 months ago #53414 by ahaley
I wrote this post for a different thread, but thought it could be fun here.

If you could start all over what career would you try?

As a 3rd year resident I think (fantasize)about this a lot.

1) computer web site designer - yes it does require a degree in computer science, but it is an undergrad degree, you are your own boss, you can work from home, you can create your own hours, there is a great demand, you can be creative, no lives are at risk but you do have significant pressure to perform because peoples buisnesses are at stake, and the money is gooooood.

2) Financial advisor - high powered, can help people plan for their future, can work in a buisness environment, growth and income potential are huge

3)College professor - rewarding, challenging, money not so great

4) High school teacher - money even worse

5) Marine biologist - money even worse than high school teacher

6)Small buisness owner - cleaning service, personal organizer, personal trainer, home based day care, pet groomer, florist, personal assistants for elderly, help doctors start their own offices by finding office space, helping them write a buisness plan for small buisness loans, find an insurance biller, order medical supplies etc - take a cut of the small buisness loan for my salary, home delivery of diabetic friendly meals

7)Find a rich husband and be a kept woman (wont work already married) :hyper:

ok thats enough have to go back to sleep

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14 years 7 months ago #53415 by becco
Ah, this is a topic I can relate to. I have had these thoughts many times. Studying for boards. On call during med school for whatever rotations I didn't like. Post call days as an intern, or at 3am on a 24hour call when there are 10 people in the waiting room for triage (which the intern runs). Excellent question!

I have a similar list to you, in some ways

1) Teaching- having parents as teachers has exposed me to the joys of teaching. It is fun, keeps you young, and can be a lifelong learning process if you choose. I'd like either HS or college. Biology/ science. The money isn't great, but that is what I grew up with.

2) Travel guide- I LOVE travelling, and went on several guided trips as a teenager with my school. I thought it was so fun, and thought most of our guides were really cool.

3) Finance- absolutely the way to go if you are just into making money, but also very interesting if you have a mathmatical mind, from what I am told. My grandfather always said I would be good at it. I wonder?

4) Foley artist- if you don't know what this is, it is a film industry job, adding sounds post-production. I wanted to do this when I was younger. It is pretty interesting, look it up.

Too late for the rich husband for me, too, but that's ok!

However, for now I won't give up the profound wonder of delivering babies and the fun and satisfaction of surgery.

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14 years 7 months ago #53416 by Popcorn
I think I might have become a vet. I have no children, but have a whole menagerie of animals. I had never considered veternary medicine when I was younger (that was my sister's "thing,") but looking back, I might have enjoyed it very much.

The marine biology thing is cool - I'm very active on a national level in coral and invertebrate captive propogation, and I've met a lot of neat people along the way. The money is lousy, but living on the ocean and diving every day is an awfully nice perk.

I could also see myself as a teacher, but probably not less than college. I love teaching (I was a TA for awhile in college), and am sort of planning to stay in academia, just so I can teach.

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14 years 7 months ago #53417 by Gene Queen
I SO would be a vet! Would have been making tons of money by now.

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14 years 7 months ago #53418 by Lindsey
Of course I'm just an intern, but I am loving my job so much that I can't imagine doing anything else. I wonder if that'll change over the next few years. These are some pretty long hours, but I still feel like I'm getting good time with my son. My dad and step-mom keep him when I'm on call, and he LOVES that. They're awesome grandparents. He has a babysitter that he's really tight with too. It's just a good situation. Because of who he spends his days with, I'm certain that he's not missing me, and we spend really good time together when I'm home.


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14 years 7 months ago #53419 by ellie
I love this post!!
I think it is interesting how many people listed teaching!

My alternate lives would consist of:
1-teaching younger kids biology, probably around the 4th grade. most haven't developed that attitude of what "cool" is and isn't and they are fun to get involved in little science experiments. (I was involved in teaching this age when I was in college, we had a really neat program in our Biology dept.)

2-coaching gymnastics, I miss this TREMENDOUSLY!!

3-something with graphic arts, I guess these days that would be in the line of web designing...but I loved the old fashioned silk screening that I did in high school

Take care y'all!

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