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14 years 3 months ago #53426 by gogatsby
I went to high school in District 211 (Fremd, to be exact!)...our teachers got paid quite well the longer they worked there, and especially if they were involved in a sport/activity. (One gym teacher makes over $100,000...a gym teacher! haha). It's definitely a great area to live and go to school in, and I'm sure getting paid as the teachers do wouldn't be too horrible either!

My mom works in District 15 (the elementary and junior highs that feed into the District 211 high schools), and they get paid fairly well too. My mom says that with the cost of living what it is where we live, the teachers need to be paid what they are. If we didn't have my dad's income too, there's no way we could afford to live where we do. :) Yay teachers, haha, we should all switch now and move to Chicago!

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