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13 years 5 months ago #53433 by Cabinbuilder

Originally posted by sugar:
Kathie - I thought you were doing a surgery prelim like me!

Sugar, I did not get into a surgery program. I ended up doing an osteopathic internship. I have to reapply for surgery. It's good though because I am so anxious and unsure of most things in medicine that I need this extra time to really get my act together. Hopefully my application will be viewed more favorably.

LECOM Class 2006
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13 years 5 months ago #53434 by Popcorn
Have faith and hang in there ladies! It's a wild ride, but you will learn SOOO much!

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13 years 5 months ago #53435 by BraidsDO
Also starting an osteopathic internship...my first day is tomorrow. I have a five month old who is staying home with my husband this year. I have been home with him for about six weeks since I graduated, and it is going to be an adjustment leaving him every day, although of course it will help that he's home with his dad. Good luck to everyone!

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13 years 4 months ago #53436 by ellie
this might be a place to add something...
after having some of my own personal problems dealing with the stress of residency, and having to develop a thick skin apparently starting from paper thin skin...wanted to pass on something that a friend of mine told me...actually heard it from several sources.

personally, i ADORE orthopaedics. the only reason i went into med school (even though in my 3 and 4 years i loved EVERY specialty...except internal medicine, lol) so orthopaedics is PART of me. therefore i take it very personally. and when criticism would come my way, it would sometimes be hard to separate that criticism from being a direct attack to my own person. hard to do, maybe hard to understand, but keep it in mind. maybe it will help others earlier on.

also, because of the politics that residencies have...even though i really enjoy my fellow residents, i have in the past likened them to be "my family". another trap for emotions. i have learned that it is best to keep a professional relationship with them...to keep a sort of boundary up. hard to do being a very trusting and open person, but choose your close friends wisely and just try to enjoy the rest to have a comfortable workign environment.

never let them see you cry. (haha, very hard at times!!!) take a deep breath if you feel it comign on, ask to be excused to the bathroom...and cry your little eyes out in private. then splash you face with some COLD water, breath, remember that you are not doing residency forever, and that you are still the good person that you know you are, and remember that this is how we learn. (sometimes this is how we learn how NOT to treat people ;) )

good luck!!

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