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Internship with baby!

17 years 6 days ago #53957 by Anki
Hi Dorsel,
I can't give you any advice myself - I'm in a VERY similar situation!
I am an International Medical Gradute, came to the U.S. with my husband who got a job here. I originally planned to stay for a few months, maybe a year. But then it turned out that my husbands's job required him to stay longer, so I too stayed. I did two clinical clerkships as a visiting student (one of them was in surgery), then got a research position. My son was born in May 2002 :)
And now I'm preparing for the USMLE and CSA exams, and looking for a residency.

I'm often thinking about the possible difficulties of being an intern with a toddler - but I hope we'll manage it. I agree with Taurus: a supporting husband with flexible work hours is probably the key!

Good luck! :)


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16 years 11 months ago #53958 by **DONOTDELETE**
Thank you all for your replies. I feel better knowing that there are many women out there that are or have been in the same situation. Taurus, your story is very inspiring, and you are right, without the active support of the guys, we will not be able to make it.Best of luck to all!

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