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8 years 6 months ago #78692 by J_K_P
Well, I will start this little ditty with a basic back-story. I was a combat medic, finished active duty. Returned with college bound thoughts, no major goals. Figured nursing would be a nice avenue, but found the curriculum lacking in the challenge I require to truly lose myself in a subject. Went back to the love of learning Combat Medical skills in the smallest amount of time needed and acing the tests. It was an amazing feeling, so I figured if nursing isn't as fast paced and work intensive as I needed I can just bump it up to the next level of learning.

With the back-story laid out now I am stuck where I currently am now. No clue how to get the ball rolling. I am in college with a liberal arts major, which I plan to change to Chem or Bio, but no resources for who to talk to about finding a decent pre-med program in the Southern NJ area.

Any help would be much appreciated, just a nudge to edge of the rail-car track would boost me along to the road of knowledge. I like to make everything fantastical sorry, for my over the top use of frivolous English.

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