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Accountant to MD. Should I do it? Just burntout?

8 years 1 month ago #83226 by southernmd
Please please please go into investment banking.

No good doctor merely focuses on their job only.

Sorry to be harsh. If you still are interested in medicine, I suggest you imagine spending two years with no social life trying to make A's in pre-reqs, four years in medical school where you are constantly exhausted and hemorrhaging money, and average of four years in residency where you work 80 hours a week. IMagine what this feels like by staying up all night wandering around Kroger and pausing to read the backs of product boxes watching the stockers stock without sitting down.

Then imagine that after about 10 years of oozing money and not making any of it back and accumulating a quarter of a million dollars in debt - you have the opportunity to look forward to 27% Medicare cuts that cause physicians to go out of business.


Please don't go into medicine if it is for the money and bc you want to be an inhuman robot with little consideration of patient interaction.

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8 years 1 month ago - 8 years 1 month ago #83227 by t510

This is the not about money My current job pays fine plus has huge earning potential. I could care less just as long as my family has enough to be supported.
I am looking for a challenge, fulfillment in a career...I already work 70 hour work weeks, , and the hours are not going away in my current career.
I do not think I am fulfilled with making rich people richer and becoming a brainiac about business planning. Please let me know if you think this is the wrong reason to go in medicine.

thanks for your post. I need to fully understand what medicine is about before I do anything. But being already 25 I really dont have too much time. I plan to try to start volunteering as soon as possible. It really tough to figure out because it seems an MD is just a designation and you can do multiple of things. The more you comment the better and I definately appreciate it.
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5 years 2 months ago #95470 by Shopgirl86
hello t510

it's been 2 years since you wrote your post. I'm just wondering what have you decided in the end. Did you go into med school?

I'm in a similar situation, a CA but for some reason I keep thinking about becoming a doctor. Maybe im just burnout like you, or maybe I actually wanted to be one. I'm confused, hence wondering if you made the jump.

I hope this post reaches you and you'd respond. By the way we're similar age I'm 28 this year, which would made me 26 yrs 2 years ago.2637


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5 years 1 month ago #95539 by Morockmd
I am also curious about what you ended up doing? I am in the same situation

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3 years 1 month ago #96724 by Morgana_Irish
I am in investment banking for 17 years.... once you get into regulatory compliance and a director role you can use your technical skills and 'power' you mentioned....but...don't expect not to be accountable for your powerful decisions.... more and more we are regulated by the federal regulators so having power of decision in no any career will come with risk of lawsuit. If I approve a regulatory programme implementation globally for example and dont ensure specific countries involved laws were checked; I can be in serious trouble...with the local regulator, go to prison etc....

I agree, a decision to pursue a career has to take the purpose of what drives you to wanting it... I find banking in general (I started in finance moved my way up to Internal Audit then Compliance) is too greedy and mean less for what I have been called for in this earth.

Best luck in your choices, it has been 5 years so I guess if you were serious about medical school you are almost there :-)

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