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Help, I am a very non traditional applicant...

6 years 4 months ago #89669 by Oscar
Dear all

I have read through the different discussions in this forum and found many usefull information for a non traditional med school applicant like me.
I would like to have your opinion on my particular case which is not current for a non-traditional med school applicant, if I can say.

First, here are some information about me :
-Age : 30
-Family situation : Single, but i leave with my boyfriend for many years
-Education : hold a master degree in international business, majoring in Finance.
-Profession: financial auditor
-Financial situation: low savings, but zero loan/credit balance
-Nationality: american and french. But i did all my studies in France, from kindergarten to college.
-Prerequisites :
A) In France, during the 3 years before i got my french. Baccalaureate (specializing in biology, physics and maths), i have, i think, achieved all what you specify in the prerequisite section of your website.
B) My first 2 years in college included a huge amount of mathematics, which curriculum is very similar to engineering students.

I can provide an official translation of the biology, physics and math curriculum to the medical schools that i will apply to.

I am now considering applying to medical schools, and i have some questions i would like to ask you, if you have time.

Application process :
1) considering my biology, physics and maths academic experience, will i have to attend pre-med before applying?
2)if i have to attend a pre-med program, how long do you think it will last? 1 year?
3)do accelerated pre-med programm exist? i.e summer programs that concentrate the prerequisites on 7 weeks...

Life in medical school / residency:
1) How this decision can affect couple life?
2) how would you describe the workload? Is it manageable? In residency?

Life as a doctor:
1) I have read many articles and blog posts on the life of physicians. I know being a doctor requires commitment. How many hours do you work per week as a doctor. As a financial auditor in Paris, i am used to busy weeks 80+ hours/week +weekends. However this was only on peak seasons.
2) is it a sweet dream to think that i could have weeks with +/- 50 hrs work?

I hope that i am not bothering you with all my questions. If you have time to answer to them, thank you very much.that will help me a lot clearing my doubts.

Do not hesitate to ask if you need more information about me.


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