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possible to have family/ be surgeon?

6 years 1 month ago #90719 by juniper81
Truthfully, no. If you want a family, don't be a trauma surgeon. You will basically not see your kids. I know one woman who's training to become a trauma surgeon but she is not the Mommy type and will probably never have kids. Trauma surgery is basically one of the least family-friendly specialties there is.

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6 years 4 weeks ago #90742 by shadetree
I think you are wise beyond your years for taking a step back and looking forward. While I didn't start college expecting to go into med school and eventually become a doctor, it never occurred to me to consider how being a doctor might influence my personal/family life when I started down that path.

I agree with the previous posts. I would never construe a career as a surgeon as being family friendly. Of course, you have to define for yourself what it means to be family friendly. Perhaps start from what you perceive as the ideal family scenario? Both parents working? One? Half time? How many hours a week? Day care? Live in nanny?

My husband and I are both ambulatory internists, a decision we made after residency that we thought would be best for having a family down the road. We are now down that road with young kids and still feel our lives are not the ideal we "planned for". We still feel we don't have adequate time with our family despite me working part-time. We still rely on daycare, family members, friends, and a housekeeper to keep it all going...and not perfectly by any means.

You mentioned medicine is your passion. Is that only true if you become a trauma surgeon? If you love medicine (aka really want too be a doctor) then perhaps as you go thru med school you will find something that fulfill that passion but offers a life balance you deem acceptable.

Other random thoughts:

Once you finish college you can look forward to four years of med school, five years of surgical residency and another year if you pursue a trauma fellowship.

If upon further consideration being a doctor is not important, but being in the medical field is, I agree there are many other options that don't require as much training, offer a decent living and will allow you a better quality of life/time with your family. NP, PA, RN, respiratory therapy, radiology tech, etc.

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