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Bad timing to start studying medicine?

5 years 9 months ago #91421 by nutnezz
Hey guys,

So happy to have found this forum! Such a wealth of information from people who have experienced it first hand :)

I'm 24 this year, living in Australia and finishing my biomedicine degree. this was meant to be the stepping stone to the 4 year postgraduate medicine course offered in Australia, but unfortunately I've wasted the last 3 years and ended up with a poor GPA due to poor motivation and bad judgement on my part.

I'm given it plenty of thought and have decided I would ultimately still want to start working hard for it and pursue my passion for medicine.

So, I'm planning to start over and try to get into medicine again by doing this:
2014-2015: fast track a science degree in 2 years
2016-2019: postgraduate medicine

However, this means I'll graduate from medicine at age 30 and be an intern when I'm 31. I would really love to have a family and children in future, and I know its optimal to have children before 35.
However, these are the years where I'll be doing my internship and the few years before getting into a specialty program (I would like to be a GP)

Is this a bad time to try and study medicine? Should I do another degree like speech pathology (something I am also interested in, but not as passionate as I am about medicine) and work in a different career then wait until after I have had kids to think about doing medicine?

Really appreciate any advice!

Thank you!

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5 years 7 months ago #92092 by MommyMiles
Hi Tash,

I am still deciding whether or not to pursue medicine, but I can shed some light on speech pathology. This was an alternative career that I researched, and I was able to meet with a speech pathologist to ask her questions about the profession. Keep in mind this is only one instance and may not completely represent the big picture of what the job is about, but here were my impressions:

- You need patience and lots of it. Most of her patients were autistic, elderly, or had developmental delays
- She said she had a fairly consistent, "normal hours" schedule
- There is a LOT of documentation

Without seeing her on the job, this was the gist of what I got. I wasn't able to see her work because all of her patients that morning were no shows :( I think speech pathology is a great profession for someone very patient that enjoys working with a specific population, wants a typical schedule, and is interested in helping people learn or regain communication skills.

I would suggest shadowing if you haven't already. It could help you envision what a career in either field would be like, and see which one seems to fit your personality and interests better. As for worrying about children, I think it will be hard whenever they come along (hard but certainly not impossible). Being a mom is a life changer in itself! I wouldn't let the worry of when you would have children interfere too much with your decision - it's difficult to plan that far ahead! What will be will be :)

Good luck!

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