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Please help me with my personal statement.

5 years 8 months ago #94363 by avonbau
Hi everyone,
I'm having a dilemma between MD/DO/NP. I spoke with a medical admissions officer and it seems like my chances of getting in to Rutgers Med School is slim. She kept on pointing me to either NP/DO. It is because I had 128 credits at a community college (GPA 3.64) and 64 credits (3.9) at Ramapo College. BCPM (3.7) -but still lacking biology, physics and biochem. I work at acute, subacute and long term facilities. I am interning with the department of health. I am elected as a Parish Council member and am part of the economic development committee.

In any rate, I am a 23 year old RN. I just started working August 2013. I still need to take the MCAT and I'm finishing physics I with lab this summer at Rutgers. After that I'll be taking Bio/Physics/Biochem this coming year. My target application date is June 1. I feel like I am running out of time. MY classmates from college are already starting their NP programs while I am still deciding what to do with my life. My ultimate goal is to be an executive of a hospital/ health organization some day. As an RN and a future MD, I would have adequate experiences to create effective protocols for saving people's lives.

I also have a dilemma on how to ask my professors for Recommendation letters. Some of them retired already and I have no idea how to get in contact with them. Please help me. Thanks

Please, I need help creating a personal statement. I am not sure how to elaborate on things. How far should I go? Since High School? I really need major help. Thanks.

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