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Hey hey definitely have made my jump

5 years 2 months ago #95376 by Rebecca
Well I have definitely decided I should not be discouraged and have time to reach my goals soooo I finally applied to school (premed) waiting for acceptance letter. However many have said I should start at community college to save money and take easier courses etc. Instead of the university I applied to. I also am conflicted in what to get my undergraduate immediately was planning for biology with minor in biomedical science. Now I have others who say I should get BSN the pre reqs for medschool. I need BTDT opinions ones who have already made their choices and how it worked out. I excel in sciences so that is why I immediately was drawn to biology major with minor in biomedical sciences. Since it covers so many prereqs/courses I'd be taking anyway. Also mom of two children 5 and 2.5. Any info would be appreciated.

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