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Should I leave a permanent well paying Job

4 years 10 months ago #95770 by simone
hi everyone!!

I have this dilemma which I have been lately thinking a lot about.

I have earned a Masters degree in Biotechnology and I am working as a Research Scientist on a permanent position. My job pays me very well and offers lots and lots of facilities like home, children education etc. I have also registered for PhD and will be finishing it in a couple of years from now. I am btw single and 27. Now I hv this huge inclination towards Medicine and lately I have been thinking alot to apply in Medical School in US and quit my job. I am above age limit to apply in my country. Now I am not sure if I should be doing this coz I get a big NO from my colleagues, family and friends. But I always wished to be a physician and I do feel same even now.
You all are experienced enough in this field. Please suggest what should I do?

If at all I wish to apply for medical school in US what will be my entry level? I had Chemistry, Zoology and Biotechnology as my major subjects in my graduation and GPA of 7.8/10. I had Biotechnology as Major(which included subjects from microbiology, immunology, genetics, developmental biology and many more) in my post graduation with GPA of 5.5/6. Have been a scholar through out my education. This decision will change my life.


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