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I am a PA student who still dreams about becoming a doctor

2 years 4 months ago - 2 years 4 months ago #140791 by cmom
I love the profession of medicine. I spent all my mid-20's working in the medical field where I found my love for medicine. I was originally applying to medical school, but after experiencing two very difficult losses in my life, a spouse in the military and two children I decided to apply to PA school. I was accepted the first time I applied to the only two schools I submitted my application.

As I prepare to go onto my rotations I still dream of becoming a physician, but continue with the PA route because I love medicine and its the best choice for my two kids and husband who lives in a different country due to military orders. My entire didactic year was completed with a husband overseas. I am truly excited to start my rotations, but the dream I have continues to linger in my heart.

Is there anyone who has experienced this feeling? Know someone in a similar situation? I plan to finish PA school because as I could not picture myself doing anything else, but medicine. I feel that by the time I am finished with PA school (currently early 30's) and my loans are paid off I will be too old to return to medical school. If someone who is familiar with this situation could share advice I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
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2 years 3 months ago #140792 by sahmd
I don't have experience with that exact situation, but I can see how difficult medical school would have been in your current situation. It is great that you have found a way to work in medicine while taking care of your kids with minimal support.

As for what to do later, when you are done and your loans are paid off, you are not necessarily too old to go to medical school -- people go at all ages -- but you will have to assess your situation at that time. How much support do you have from your husband and other family? Will he still be at risk for moving to other countries for prolonged periods? How independent are your kids? Are you able to afford medical school, or at least pay off those loans in a timely manner? Would being an MD really be so much better than being the best PA you can be? From my point of view, being a PA gives you most of the advantages of being an MD but without the huge sacrifice of money and time. But I think you will have to see for yourself how things stand in a few years.

Good luck!
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2 years 3 months ago #140793 by cmom
Thank you so much for your advice. Everything you stated will be things I will have to take into account in the future. I truly believe this a decision I will not be able to make until my husband retires from the military, my kids are much older and independent.

As for now I feel extremely grateful for the opportunity I have been granted and look forward to the day I have my first patient encounter as PA. I am definitely planning to save your message so I can reference back to it. Thank you.

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