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15 years 4 months ago #57873 by italgirl
I found this site (and felt something like a lifeline had been thrown to me overboard) by putting the words "female medicine career" into Google. I have been so gratified and relieved to find a population of women who are also wondering about going to med school at "non-traditional" stages of life.

My history: I'll try to be brief, but like many who have posted here, I was an English major... Graduated in '93 with my liberal arts college BA, worked in the corporate world for 5 yrs :banghead: , quit and moved to Italy :cool: , came back to the U.S. and worked a few interim jobs until getting my present job in 2001. It's an administrative office position in one of the science depts. within the medical school at this university. Funny I should be thinking of a medical career, no?

Like others have said in their posts, this idea of going to med school just keeps coming back. Obviously, working within a medical school makes it a little more in-your-face. Frankly, I see med students all the time and think, "Hell, if these kids can do it, I can do it!" But the self-confident highs are generally followed by the I-must-be-crazy lows.

As a small first step, I've registered for a basic Biology class for the fall. I feel like I will be 1000 years old before I might even finish the pre-med courses, even if I try to keep the "but I'll be that old anyway" adage in mind.

Why medical school? Damn good question. Part of it has to do with finding meaning and purpose in life and in work. Finding something where I don't feel my brain is atrophying and my skill/talent/potential is underused. Part of it is that feeling that, if this idea keeps coming back around, it must be for a reason.

Unlike many of the women in their 30's on MOMMD (I'll be, ulp!, 33 this fall), I am not married and have no kids. I feel about 10 years behind my peers in every category (even if I know "comparisons are odious" ...). I've been with my current SO for about 2 years but have no idea if he'd be supportive of the idea (and then the reality) of med school or not. (If not, I wonder, then am I with the right person?) Up until fairly recently this idea has been my little secret, until I started mentioning it to select (usually female) friends.

Well, I hope I have not rambled too much, and I guess I don't have a specific question. Just looking for support and affirmation.

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15 years 4 months ago #57874 by EKM
Hey girl, and welcome to Mommd! :wave: You sure aren't crazy. I think they would have deemed me crazy WAY before you....lol :laughing:
Welcome to Mommd, its a great place to chat, blow off steam, and meet new friends! Welcome! Erin

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15 years 3 months ago #57875 by JDmom
I was so delighted to see your posting. I am in a very similar situtation, and it lifted my spirits considerably to see that I am not alone.
I just got back from sneaking off to my first chemistry class in 15 years!!

I am a married mother of a 22 month old, and I have what by all standard measures is a successful career. I am an attorney, and I enjoy my job and love the people with whom I work. But like you, I just can't get that nagging medical school voice out of my head.

I had given it serious thought many years ago, and even took many of the prerequisites. But for various reasons that would be tedious to get into here, I didn't go through with it. I thought that going to law school would drown that medical school voice out, and it did for several years (though it always remained at least a whisper).

I adored law school, and have greatly enjoyed being a lawyer, but that medical school siren just won't shut up. When I read your posting I was so heartened to see that there was someone else for whom it just kept cropping up.

How is your biology class going? My chemistry class is hillarious. I took Chem I & II back in the early 90s and I wasn't terribly good at it then, but when a student today couldn't get it through his head that water is not always a liquid I at least had the reassurance that I was not necessarily the thickest person in the class.

I hope all goes well for you, and wish you patience and courage.

I'm sure we'd both love to hear from anyone else out there who is finally trying to answer the call after many blasts of the clarion.

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15 years 3 months ago #57876 by EM mom
Congrats to all of you for following your dreams. Take it one day at a time and you will get exactly where you need to be! Welcome to mommd!

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15 years 3 months ago #57877 by rs4
don't you know that song? Boom boom, ain't it great to be crazy, boom boom, ain't it great to be nuts...silly and foolish the whole day through boom boom, ain't it great to be crazy! welcome to mom md, IMHO dreams and passions are the most sane pieces of us.... :twocents:

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15 years 3 months ago #57878 by italgirl
JDMom (and others)-- My biology class is great. I love to know how things work, so everything is a sort of "aha!" experience. It's bringing back memories of high school biology and even elementary school science--looking at fly wings under a microscope, etc.

I am slowly telling more people about this "crazy idea" of going to med school. People have been consistently supportive. Granted, most (if not all) of those people have been women--hence there's a lot I don't have to explain. I have yet to voice any of this to my parents or boyfriend. My "excuse" to them for why I am taking a biology class is that I work in a science department and wanted to know what's going on.

Ah well, everything in it's time I suppose.

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