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UCD grad with family concerns- NP or MD?

16 years 2 months ago #58135 by marycc
Wow, I can't believe I didn't realize this discussion grew to two pages! I'm such a dork, I kept checking the post by srolling to the last entry on the first page, and just now realized many more entries have been written. I hope this doesn't mean I'm too ditzy to go to med school! :) Dana, your input and advice has been absolutely invaluable in many forum areas as I've read many of your posts. Thank you for your thoughts, advice, insipration, and great discussions. I believe I initiated this post and you certainly have not "taken the stage". I appreaciate all the time you've put in to this topic.

I'm still searching for which path is "meant" for me. It's taken me quite some time to begin volunteer programs with Planned Parenthood and Lucile Packard. You'd think they'd want volunteers asap but it's quite a process! Anyway, I'm hoping my experiences there will help me along with all you mommd members' advice and guidance. Thank you for everything and keep posting food for thought if you can!!!


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16 years 2 months ago #58136 by marycc
I too have heard NP's talk about the difficulties of finding a job Marilyn. One NP said she has never considered leaving nursing due to a dislike of her work or nursing, but did consider leaving due to the lack of jobs available, feeling she was stuck in a big city, etc.- all circumstances beyond the actual nursing. I also know in my area (Silicon Valley area in California) many RN's are paid more than NP's.

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