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To Follow the Heart or the Head...that is the Question!

13 years 9 months ago #68651 by kitty13
What a beautiful morning here in Boston! And it’s Easter so I will go to visit my family! I am so glad to finally be happy. :hyper:

I didn’t get the position at my company so Friday was my last day. For about 5 minutes I wanted to cry. I called my mother earlier that morning and she was hoping that I would NOT get the job. :confused: I was shocked but she quickly explained that she thought there were better things out there for me. I agreed and when I left I actually feel great about the end. I was really ready to move on, but too scared to do it on my own I think.

My husband and I are doing very well. Last night I picked him up from work and we had the most passionate lovemaking I have ever experienced. It had been a couple of weeks, which for us is a long time. I think with the stress of his school and work, and my job situation we both just fell out of the mood. It was great! We watched a movie and talked a little. He was asking if I still want to go to med school or what was my plan now. I told him I wasn’t ready to talk about it yet until I am surer. He hates to hear me change my mind. Well he kept prodding so I gave in and told him I was interested in software engineering and/or biomedical engineering. He was really excited about it and we talked about our options. He even said he thought going full-time would be a great decision! :cloud9:

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