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Reese's Journey.....

14 years 2 weeks ago #68652 by rollcoaster
My friends call me 'reese' because I am chocolate like one and I love them! :banghead: Math is going ok; my BF is good at math so I have good tutor. :D

Ok this is long first post----

P.S if anyone wants to give advice or just chat send me a private email. :)

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14 years 2 weeks ago #68653 by rollcoaster
Today I was suppose go to my English class and I over-slept. I got around 12:00pm and went downtown before work. I stop in Borders and found a book called 'Becoming a doctor'. I also read 'white coat'which I loved. I took a sneek peek at the Kaplan MCAT and I got scared. I know I haven't took the classes yet but still I was overwhlem. I guess I shouldn't have. Nway, I bought the book 'becoming a doctor'. I am going to start reading it tonight.

Tommorrow morning I have to get up before work and go file my taxes.

My friend B-day is tomorrow also. After work, we plan on going out; probably hit the club.

I have to go and clean up my house which is in need of. I just been to lazy.

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14 years 1 week ago #68654 by rollcoaster
I have to work on yersterday :( but it work out; my BF pick me up from work and early that day he had took the keys to my house. When we got home he had dinner layed out and candles lit. It was so special.

This morning we woke up and the tow company tow his car so i didn't go to my spch class. we had to take the bus and go get it. we got it back for 100.00 instead of 255.00. I recieved a B' on test in Psycology. I have paper due friday for English and math (online) due on the 20th of this month.

Tonight I am going to watch American Idol and Bones. I miss Greys anatomy last sunday. I hope I can catch the rerun this week.

sunday, we went to the club and we had a goodtime.

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14 years 1 week ago #68655 by rollcoaster
Its 11:00am and I feel nice and relax. I decided to make it a ritual to get up make me some breakfast, and write in my diary on the weekend. During the week is a different story.
I made another entry but it came up as a new post so if any one mod's see it can you please post that in this diary....sorry about that.

It is freezing cold outside....but thats winter for ya in minnesota! I did have plans to go to chicago at the end of the month but finaiacily it don't look like I am going to go. My son will be going with my mother in march to see my brother new baby. Spring break is in March so maybe I could do some extra hours and have some money to go.

I think I have a test in Spch so tonight after work and I going to do some reading. I will be going to the math center this week also.

I just can't wait till next semester when I will be able to take Intro to chem/biology1 and math....not really that one. But I have to take one semester at a time. But I am so excited that I am doing to well right now...I hope it stays that way.

I took down my braids last night and I look like ....scary halloween. I am just going to wrap an scrave around it and go to work. I won't beable to get it done for a while. I have so many bills coming its a shame.

I really love this site. I also vist studentdoctor.net but this site fit me and my lifesytle. I love being a mommy and I won't change for the world. I love my son and everyday it is some new with him. Its seem I just took him home from the hositpal and in june he will be 4years old.


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14 years 1 week ago #68656 by rollcoaster
Today has been a busy day. I did not have school or work so I ran so much need errands and payed some bills, even had a chance to cook dinner.

My son had a good day at school...lately he's been acting up. I think he misses his dad alot. Hopefully I will get a chance to take him in March during spring break.

Tomorrow I will go file my taxes since I over-slept saturday morning.

I am trying to go on a diet and it is not going to well. Before I got pregnant I was 120lbs. Now I am 151lbs and I had my son about 4 years ago. People at work tell I don't need to lose no weight but I am not happy the way I look. I don't want to a size 0 but I would like to be a 6 or 7. I am a 9/10 right now. I want to go down to about 130lbs. And you would think 20lbs wouldn't be so hard. When i am at work I am eating chicken fingers,fries, mac and cheese and on top of that sweet stuff like cake, browines etc. I am so furstrated at myself. I bought slim-fast and I like it but I get tried it. I am tried of salads and fruit. I want to buy a treadmill or elipelic but I am broke. I had a YWCA membership but I owe them!

I am going to go and drink my slim-fast.

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14 years 5 days ago #68657 by rollcoaster
Today is starting off right. Its sunny outside and in the mid 20's so I its not freezing cold like last week. I rather have the cold than the snow anyday.

I did my taxes so i will be taking that family trip. I also will be taking my son to chicago in march to see his dad. Me and my boyfriend was thinking about going to Atlanta or Washinton for a couple days. This will be my son first airplane ride. I am so excited.

I am sitting at school in the library. I have class at 12:00Pm - SPCH. I am going to go grap a bit before hand. I didn't eat any breakfast.

I have a quiz also so wish me luck!

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