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Reese's Journey.....

8 years 9 months ago #79650 by rollcoaster
Man its been 3years since I logged on to this blog. Im suprised my password and blog is still here!. I wish I had some good news to tell but I dont. The bad part is I have took chemI three times...I have a W,F,D....my gpa is horriable like 1.9. I have about 50 something credits. I know I can do better than this but life is just getting in the way.

I finished my medical assisting program (4.0) and now I work two jobs. But I know that gpa wont count. I took three classes online and one passed one which was biology- human system (B), n I have a F is Phil bc the class didnt make any sense and a W for my history class. I think I have the most W's in the history. I have about 10W's....:(:(

I have recently gotten married and my husband three oldest kids have move in with us from another state; that has been a challenged itself:(

Right now I just want to just finished my degree in psychology and work on my math concepts. I can see myself practicing medicine because I love it and I am interesting in it but my gpa is going to hold me back. I know I will have to do a post bac but most post bac requried you to have a 3.0 average and I dont think I will by the time I graduate:( I do not want to do nursing and PA school is sooo competivtive that I would still have to do a post bac to apply.....I dont thnk I could go to a caribbean school bc of my family.

I have about 40,000 thousands dollars (student loans) in debt right now...I know I know....its along story.

So that is my update for now....please comment bc I need some support.....

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