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Still going strong in Guadalajara-UAG

13 years 2 months ago #68891 by Linda M.
I haven´t blogged for more than a year. Why? Because Medical School as a mom with 2 little ones is one heck of a challenge. Then add, an international move, adjusting to Mexico, adjusting to being the oldest in your class and the only mom and the starting of a new company for your future husband to run, plus the coordination of a wedding in your 2nd year of medical school and you end up having one heck of a cluster f%&@!

My professionalism went out the door with that expression. Sorry ladies, but I´m sure you can hang. Read on, princesses of support, cybernetically.

But, supermom, in the end we be. Pardon my expression previously. Those other supermom´s out there will appreciate my humor. But it is all done. We´re established now. Our company, a contract business in the arena of construction is going strong. The kids have passed grades with flying colors. Mom´s the only one struggling, jijiji. The house is beautifully decorated for Christmas so far, tree is up, that´s all. It´s what counts. And if you really want to see our Medical School days off in pics, then hit


register yourself, make a password and view our life in Guadalajara with other families. I am the one in the wedding gown in the latest album posted (smile). And what a wedding. It was meant for the moon and stars under this Mexican sky, turns out, it´s your same galaxy!

Medical School? Well, it be. I´m in my 2nd year, struggling with some basic science classes, but it´s due to all the other messes in my life, beautiful ones at that, although.

We married last weekend, here in Guadalajara and I pulled it off, after 10 months of weekend planning because I never had but 3 wks off in between semesters and "guardias" (here you are doing clinic work from first semester on) and exams and finals and papers due.

I laugh, because there are students in our medical school, that only have themselves and they still can´t pull this off. I have concluded that medical school is not about who is the smartest but who will make it in the end. It is not a sprint, but a marathon. And you have to believe in yourself because nobody else will. If you have family with you, you will have to continuously get them on board with the original reason that you started this whole mess to be a physician.

I keep reminding myself that it is all worth it in the end. To me, this is a sabatical, I have begun to tell myself, because I love the student life. It is a fresh sidetrack to acquiring a licensure above the one that I have had for 25 yrs (a quarter of a century) as a RN (Registered Nurse) for those who have abreviations to learn yet.

All medical schools have their corporate cultures and this one down here is no different. It has it´s own, of which one needs to adjust to.

Just recently, I experienced a wonderful communication from someone who searched blogs years back, an ex-patriot who attended UAG, more than 5 yrs ago.

What a blessing to receive an e-mail from a full fledged MD, in her 3rd yr of residency (as I consider that to be there! YEAH!) and to tell me that I have taken her through memory lane by getting her to access our website of pics here in Gdl. Some pics show the campus and clinics we go to. She apparently sat in many of these same rooms. I asked her to be a mentor and she accepted, happily. She also has communicated with another doc in PR (Puerto Rico) who walked the very path I walk now. Both of these lady physicians, deserve a loud applause from us all. (clap, clap, clap, clap)

Amazing how Sethina (the owner and founder of this site) and all her support staff has brought about a website for all of us to access, even when Sethina went on to do the same as I, leave the USA to complete medical curriculum abroad, successfully taking her kids, even when she lost all her furniture in the process. I remember that. Do you?

I have never lost anything, on the contrary, I gained a lifetime of experience, as hard as this has been. It´s worth it, in the end.

So, to stay positive, I continue to seek out the support of all the ladies and gentlemen (as I suppose, there are quite a few househusbands who seek encouragement from us women) who surf this site and I continue to return, although distanced at blogging at times, to momMD to prove my support to all that have been, will be, and are women physicians. Yee Hah!

Pardon my expressions of joy and glee. Just remember, this is painful at times. It surely is costly, humbling, and breathtaking at the same moment. As long as your healthy, keep chugging away at it, because to be a supermom, is a privelege, always keep that in mind.

Happy Holidays to all and may we all have a Prosperous New Year in 2007!

Liz Cruz de Jesus de Medina
aka Linda Medina

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