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13 years 6 months ago #68986 by soldier lover
Although I am not yet a mom, or married for that matter, I feel like I can relate to many of the stories on this board, and for that reason I am starting my first blog. To tell you a little about my self: I am a first year medical student and engaged to the most wonderful man. But for the next four years we will be separated by 300+ miles as he is stationed in the army
(as a dentist) far away from where I am in school. We are planning on getting married in two years.
That's basically it. I just made it through my first week of school and had a really bad day today. It's completely frustrating to feel the constant urge to be studying while I talk to my fiance. He's understanding of my school, as he went through it all recently, but at the same time I always wonder if I've made the right choice sacrificing four years having to be away from him. Most people wonder why don't I transfer...well, we started dating just as my application process got rolling, and he had no idea where he was going to be stationed. We found out six months after my acceptance. Transferring is difficult until after the second year. So we may consider the option then...
I hope this will be a good stress reliever for me. I've never kept a journal or a blog or anything.

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