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Getting started on my new journey to MS at 29 and mom of two boys!

11 years 8 months ago #69481 by mamiybbs

I feel like I have hit a wall :blush: mamiybbs get yourelf together. OK, I can do this. I just have to practice. Tons of it. I have to. I can't see myself doing nothing else.

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11 years 8 months ago #69482 by mamiybbs
I do have to say, Hubby was gone on a seminar and maybe this is part of the stress. I missed him and needed his advice. God how he is such a huge part of me. I am so grateful to have him.

Plus my kids. OMG they are the sweetest. We had tons of fun this weekend. My little one who is 22mos went pee on the potty and my older one peed in public at the local plaground infront of everyone but I wasn't mad. If you only saw the look on his face. He was pround doing it. :rotfl:

They played with their cousins today and had a blast. Papi is home now and is time to relax.

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11 years 7 months ago #69483 by mamiybbs

Wow how time goes by. I did end up taking the Bio class and in 6wks. It was stressful and hard. I had no idea Bio was like that. Even though I complained for the 6wks I ended up with an A! I worked my butt off and it payed.

Now I am in a weird stage in my life where I am reconsidering going into Medical School. I keep chickening out because of my kids and husband. I felt guilty studying in the summer. Even though my husband says he is supportive with my decision, I think he doesn't realize how much work he has to put into it. He kept wanting to hang out and see movies after the kids went to bed but didn't realize how much studying I had. This is just how MS will be like.

I decided to concentrate on building my RN degree and taking a break from classes. I want to see if I still feel the urge to do Medicine. Is so hard being a mom and making these decision. :(

Plus I am really discourage about taking Chem all over again. I don't get it I already took it why again.

I considered going to PA school and ended up seeing a PA for a wound and he told me he wished he did NP instead :eek: I was puzzled. SO then I thought maybe I should reconsider NP again. I don't know what is happening to me. I think I am scared and have no guidance.

Hopefully next post I would have made up my mind who knows.

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11 years 6 months ago #69484 by born2be
I have been reading different blogs on this site for a week. I have been really quite, just reading and relating some of the stories to my own life. I would like to say to you don't give up on your dreams.I promise you if you do anything other than what you want to do you will have regrets. I am not sure how old you are, but it does not matter. You will go all around the world( different fields) and always return to the beginning, wanting to be a Doctor. Your husband supports you, you will be a great role model for your kids. I say, stop changing your mind and go for it. Walls are put up to see who has the courage to remain confident in their abilities and has the strength to persevere.


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11 years 3 weeks ago #69485 by mamiybbs
5 mos later:

born2be thanks for your post. I had given up on this journey and never saw your post. As far as coming back to the beginning, you are right! Here I am after letting this dream go, back considering it again. Every time I hear someone going to MS I get this doom feeling. I wonder why didn't I do it.

I was just reading about some moms here on mommd wanting to quit MS because they miss their kids. That make me really sad. I fear that sooooooooooooo much. I try to think about how it would take me 4yrs to do prereq so by that time I will be 34. My kids will be 6.5 and 8. I don't know anyone who had gone to MS with kids this age so if anyone is ready this plz would like to know how it's going.

So I ended getting a job at my local hospital and 2wks into it they tell me I have to take an re-entry course. I was devestaged. I was so ready to work, had kids in daycare and all. Now I am taking this course 5mos long and will be done in March. I do hope to get a job soon to get my feet wet again in medicine.

As far as now I can't start a class since I am taking this huge load of a course with clinicals I might add. so if I do decide to continue this journey it will have to be in Aug. I just don't know what class or what? Maybe I will take one class at a time. Take my sweet time or not?

I can't believe I am back writing. Good night

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