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This too shall pass!

13 years 9 months ago #69538 by casdaimler
Had a couple wicked gall bladder attacks over the past few weeks...does wonders for the weight loss program when your diet is reduced to clear liquids progressed to bland :goodvibes:

Ended up dropping organic, getting a B+ in Physics and an A in Physics lab at least until finals next week...things are headed in the right direction.

Now, about summer...I may not take classes at all due to the price of gas, cost of travel to school (1 hour each way), and time lost from work over the summer semester. I am just not sure I am willing to drive four days per week again during the summer, although summer is shorter...hmmmm. I still have to go to California and pick up a car...more time than I think I would like to spend, but it is a necessary evil. I can't even make plans till I get the title.

Kids are well...okay my son is well. I call my daughter dutifully every Thursday and still hear nothing. Maybe I will make a trip down this weekend to get a visual. With my luck, FIL will pull a gun when he sees me :rotfl:

Damn the torpedos..full steam ahead!!!!!

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13 years 9 months ago #69539 by casdaimler
One more final...physics on Friday. I think I can hold my breath that long!!! :D

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13 years 9 months ago #69540 by casdaimler
Well, actually pulled a B in Physics...not good, definitely not great, but passing. I am taking the summer off and working on "ME". I have to find out why I am having trouble all of a sudden. If I cannot handle stress, then I cannot be a doc...no questions asked. Funny how I can handle codes, peds, drunks and addicts in the ER and cannot handle a few classes...there must be a reason.
My son is being a 15 year old...he is discovering how to challenge mom...bad timing kid :scratchchin:

I guess all else is status quo. Pets are fine and I am working 72 hrs per week to catch up from the last semester. :laughing:

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13 years 8 months ago #69541 by casdaimler
Summer is so far so good. Counseling is really going well, I have not felt this good for....well, for years! I have taken up biking. I try to go every day if I can and seem to go farther every day. Problem with an addictive personality is that even when you find something you like that is healthy you can still not get enough. Problem is there eventually seems like there are not enough hours in the day for all that fun!!!
I did manage to eek out a medical withdrawal from Orgo, got a B in Physics and an A in Physics lab. In the fall I think I'll take Physics II, then repeat Orgo II in the spring. Alas a plan!!!! At least I "feel" like going to school.
Kids...hmmmm...my son is doing well. He actually failed his 9th year of school. Since I am not in school over the summer I am actually being a mom again and he seems to be turning around again. Before, he spent too much time in front of the TV and videos etc. Now, mom is pushing the "you failed buttons" and not allowing the TV or videos as much and he is actually motivated into doing stuff around the house. I didn't even know he had a floor under the mess in his room :rotfl: Surprise!!!! Hope the attitude change continues.
As for daughter...still have not heard from her. I miss her very very much, but feel she will be in touch eventually. I mailed off the letter to find out why or how she re-obtained her license. Ex hubby is hoping his dad forged his signature to get the license...that way he can have dad thrown in jail for forgery!!!! Gotta love the family unity and togetherness :rotfl:
I finally obtained the title and registration to my uncles car in Calif, now all I have to do is make the plans to go fetch. That should be in the next week or two...can't wait...a ten day vacation to LA!!!!
Well, enough for now. Happy Memorial Day to all....here are thoughts and prayers to our soldiers so far away :grouphug: :unitedstates:

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13 years 8 months ago #69542 by casdaimler
Summer continues to go well. I looked to sign up for classes in the fall and was handed a big UhOH! I went to register for Physics II, but no labs are available...with no labs available, they will not even allow me to register for Physics. Can't seem to figure out the waitlist thing. Orgo II, Micro and Biochem are also not available. I am now looking into Stats and Orgo I (again) at the local CC just to keep my mind working.

Home life is well, counseling could not be better...I feel great. :D

When I go back and read earlier posts to make sure I don't repeat, I am amazed at the changes in just a few months..I am soooo glad I took the summer off.

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13 years 7 months ago #69543 by casdaimler
YIIPPEEE I got into Physics...okay well sort of yippee. One lab class finally came open so I jumped on it...unfortunately the lecture is at 8-915 am Tues and Thursday and the lab is on Thursday night at 5-615 :tired: . Well, I guess I just have extra time to study. This still leaves me 5 days per week to be available for work.

Today I started a Home Health orientation to pick up extra hours where I don't have to be gone for 15 hrs per day each shift I work. This way if I have a test or whatever, I can still do a few visits and still have time to study. Coniving rat that I am I always look for new ways to make money, study and be home all at the same time.

Still feeling good. I knew my grandmother was right...this too shall pass. :D

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