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my journey through and 2

11 years 1 month ago #69568 by want2serve
I have applications out all over the place so its just a matter of time. Im nervous because my work history is NOT impressive because I have spent so much time at home. The CNA job fell through because they don't have any part time work after all but I emailed a agency that says it pays up to 19 dollars an hour. Thats better anyway. McDonalds is paying up to 12 dollars an hour so that may be the way to go on weekends while Im finishing my degree and waiting for a better job opportunity. Im not too proud to work fast food! Heck no! Itll bring money in for my family. Medicine is looking less important as surviving is becoming a greater and greater issue. I know however that it will always nag me. I think that I may need to get my masters in Bio and I am already 35 so, it may be a fool thing to keep on this way. I wont post again until I have something school or medicine related, such as volunteer jobs and such. Thanks for reading.

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