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Not a Dr. but have some thoughts...

13 years 11 months ago #69571 by JenMaireAhs
Hello, I'm not a Dr. but I too have some thoughts of my own.
I accidently joined this website. I was searchingt the Internet for information on infertility because I'm having trouble getting pregnant. One result took me to Mommd.com and I read some interesting things. I originally thought this website was for pegnant women and mothers, (I didn't thnink twice about the M.D. part lol thats me for ya)
But since I already made a log in name and password I figure I might as well use it and perhaps I'll learn new things and meet new people. SO here I am ladies, I am young and fresh and willing to talk about mother-hood although I haven't been one yet I am hopeful my time is soon! Thanks so much
-Jen ;)


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