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freezing colg

14 years 2 days ago #69703 by rollcoaster
I think we been spoil with the weather here. we have been having 30-40s degress lately.....its not normal in minneapolis. the is morning I put my son on the bus and i almost froze to death. I decide I was not going to class even if my BF was taking me. I emailed my english teacher my outline and essay that was due today. I took my math test last night and I got an 70%...not good I need to start devoting more time math. Its online so i tend to forgetting about me. I also notice that I had so assignmen due on wednesday and not my A went down with an C' :mad: but it my fault and I have to work harder.

i have to to work tonight.... :no: I just not feeling up to it but bills have to get paid. I was talking a girl in psyc the other day and she is premed also. we was talking about the math requirement and everybody keeping her you need a Year of Calucus. The only school i know is University of Minnesota says they want one semester of it. I went to see the transfer specialist and she told to do a year of cal too... :( I have math........I am no good at math nway. I don't what to do.

I know next semester which is Fall 06' I am taking: Bio 1
Chem (intro to chem)
College algbra
English (maybe) I think that would be too much.

I been talking to my boyfriend about tranfering out-of-state. he wants to go to Altanta or Boston to transfer. I told him I would be willing to move with him but we would have to get our own place. Where is from (camroon, Africa) that is not allowed until you are married. We will see when the time comes.

when I read my diary I see that I be missing words or it sounds crazy. I type so fast I don't proff read it. I am going to try hard to slow down.

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