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8 years 8 months ago #79345 by SAHMdoc
Yikes! I've been soooo busy lately- haven't even had time to pull up MomMD in months! I don't have much time now- but wanted to post a quick update....
First of all, lots of changes (all good!) in my personal life the last few months...in short, I actually have a LIFE! Yes, indeed...besides homeschooling (still doing that) and teaching A&P (still ongoing)...I've become very close friends with another homeschooling mom- who has been the most amazing friend I've ever had in my life. She's really supported me, encouraged me, been there for me- helped me to really discover myself and learn to take time for myself- easily the best friend I've ever had in my entire life (other than my husband perhaps). We talk to each other almost every day, regularly go out on girls' nights out together, our families all hang out together and we often watch each other's kids...in fact, she is the ONLY person I have ever left either of my children with, besides my husband or my mom (the latter on rare occasions.) I adore her kids as if they were my own- and they treat me as if I were their beloved Auntie or something. My kids tell me they wish SHE were their mom...that's how much they love her! Oh, did I mention her kids and my kids are best friends? How lucky we all are to have found one another!
Thanks to encouragement from my new BFF- I've started a work-out program and, over the past 4 months, managed to drop 18 pounds and 3 sizes, from a size 16 down to a size 10, a size I haven't worn in 15 years! She's also taken me shopping and basically helped me select a whole new wardrobe, encouraging me to ditch the androgynous baggy T-shirt and cut-off-shorts for a more feminine look... so now I look (and feel!) a lot better...I get compliments on my appearance everywhere I go...now that IS a first in my life!
And my relationship with DH...well, let's just say that we've found ways to find time for one another and are happily re-discovering one another (LOTS of time, ok?? <blush>
So is life perfect? Of course not...Homeschooling is often a struggle with my son's ADD issues- to the point that I've tried ADD meds, with mixed results (more on that another day). DH has a new job with longer hours (and less pay)- but he is SO much happier with what he's doing, it's worth the sacrifice. Life is far from perfect, but ...life is good! This is the happiest I've been in at least 10 years, maybe longer...I am so thankful to have my best friend in my life.
OK, back to work on my online course- more later!

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