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Plump Chicken!

13 years 4 months ago #69814 by plum
PC-I didn't know you were an RN, I am too (in my second year of medschool, married, no babies yet)! Congratulations on your plumchickn.
I really took your comment to heart about missing nursing and how medicine is so much more strict.
I TOTALLY agree. Medicine is nowhere near as much fun, I used to have fun with and make my patients laugh all the time and now I feel like if I do that they look at me like I am from mars or something. I think they expect more seriousness from doctors or something, it has been an adjustment no doubt. I really like school and I have a feeling I'll be very glad someday after it is behind me, but I too miss the purity of nursing, you go in, do your job, make some patients laugh, and you go home. I think it is all the hours too, that make docs crabby. Shift work is a BEAUTIFUL thing. And feeling like their patients need so much and they don't get paid enough.
If I become an anesthesiologist at least then it is pseudo-shift work and I can crack jokes in the OR sometimes....what are you going into?

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