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11 years 7 months ago #69900 by sweetpea
I often sit back and wonder why my clasmates say I'm so unique... I guess one could say that it is my moving to the caribbean with a 2 year old to pursue my dream of becoming a physician. I began my journey in 2007. I was excited, scared, and clueless as to what to expect. Truthfully. I was not sure how it was going to work with me being a single parent AnD moving away from what I knew as my support system; but what I did know was that I didn't want to go through the process of taking the Mcat and applying to schools in the US only to have to wait another 2 years to start medical school. Thus, I choose to go abroad. In my blog you will read my experience of not only being in medical school as a single parent but with living abroad as well. So Thanks for reading my blog! Enjoy :)

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11 years 7 months ago #69901 by sweetpea
Well, originally I wanted to give you a narrative of my experiences from 2007 until now and I still do but first I need to vent. I dropped my son off at the daycare today and boy did he perform (I don't wanna go) :weeping: ( I felt like I just want to scream )-sigh- I guess things good be worst but right now I just feel like why me and why today. I have a big quiz coming in Micro tomorrow and right now I feel like a bad mother. Well, thanks for letting me vent. I got to go and make myself study or something close to that.

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11 years 7 months ago #69902 by sweetpea
So let’s rewind….

As the plane landed in our new home I thought boy what did I get myself into and where am I. The airport was smaller than I was used to and everything was closed (Tip: don’t fly in on a Sunday). Well, of course as my life goes nothing seems to follow according to plan so of course my ride was not there. :( Just great, I thought! So we hopped in a cab and made it to the hotel. The island of Aruba was beautiful though. The school was nothing like the pictures or their promises. My first impression was to leave but how could I! What message would I send to my child? So I decided to sucked it up and began to make the best out of my situation. I found us an apartment, an excellent daycare for my child, and my quest began.

The first day of classes I had to omit I was overwhelmed. As soon as we walked in my professor in Anatomy hit us with a quiz. Of course I failed but he used it to show us what happens if you don't study in medical school and from then on I was in the books. :eek:

The first six weeks just seem to fly. I had a hard time trying to figure out how to cram a VEry large amount of information in my head in such a small amount of time. It seemed like no matter how hard I studyed I still would forget basic information. I couldn’t sleep and what made matters worse my lap top (brand new I might add ) got broke. –sigh- I was full of anxiety. As I later learned not a good combination for medical school.

I found myself constantly thinking in between studying if I had made the right decision.

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