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Peering over the edge

11 years 5 months ago #70116 by hopefulMDtx
Ups and downs and ups and downs again...that describes the past week.

Starting last Monday after doggy-sitting my boyfriend's schnauzer he finally returned from vacation. We got to spend one day together and then I left on Tuesday night for Houston. I met up with my mom in Houston and on Tuesday we flew out to El Paso for my first interview. Having never been to El Paso before I was floored by the beauty! Moutains :cool: that i'd never actually seen before in real life. I interviewed on Thursday and was BLOWN AWAY by how great the med school is going to be (first year it is accepting students). :goodvibes: I didn't have much time to enjoy it though, because I then told my mom goodbye and hopped on a flight to lubbock for another interview the next day. I spent the night with a medical student and then interviewed all day Friday. The interviews went well, but I'm not really sure how I feel about the school. I definately didn't feel "wow-ed" but then again, I'd still graduate with an M.D. after my name and what matters for residency is my USMLE not the school I go to. I then got to the airport, flew to Houston, and then drove home.

I feel blessed, but I was exhausted from the speedy trip and all day interviews. Barely more than 24 hours after I got home my boyfriend and I noticed his schnauzer breathing WAYYY too fast. We knew she had a bad heart murmur and she was 12 years old. I realized it was the end, but there is no way to prepare. I quietly watched as my boyfriend held his beloved dog and best friend in his arms as she breathed her last few breaths. :( While it has been really sad, I am comforted by knowing that she wasn't alone and neither was my boyfriend when it happened. It was fast. Probably only 2 hours from acting totally normal to when she finally passed. Just Saturday she was running around and stealing a waffle from a plate :laughing: :) (she didn't get to eat it, but she sure did try) It was a sunday, but luckily I found a place that would pick up her body anyway. She'll be cremated and my boyfriend will be able to keep her ashes. (he lives in an apartment and couldn't bury her)

I also got an email from one of my interviewer's on Friday. Very positive! Now I just have to wait until november (or later) to find out where I will be next year.

Luckily I have one week to recover before the fall semester (and my last semester as an undergrad!) begins.

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11 years 5 months ago #70117 by hopefulMDtx
I started my last semester as an undergrad today...
*twiddles thumbs* .....still waiting for any more interviews.

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11 years 3 months ago #70118 by hopefulMDtx
Wow, so another month has gone by (school, work, and powerlifting keeps me busy definately!).

I did however, get an interview to the school in my town!!! *YAY* :goodvibes: It's for Oct. 16th! I'm really hoping I can wow them. I LOVE the school and I also Love where I live. It's beautiful here, not too big, not too small. Knowing I would be able to see my boyfriend a lot doesn't hurt either ;) .

Well, only a little over 2 months until I graduate!!! For now, I just keep plowing through this last (and yet still difficult) semester. Guess that is what I get for taking classes like "Thermodynamics of biomolecular systems" ha ha ha

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10 years 11 months ago #70119 by hopefulMDtx
(kind of late updating this, but better late than never huh?)

Texas has a pre-match and a match acceptance cycle. I got 2 pre-match offers and then "matched" to one of them. Unfortunately I have been placed on the alternate list for the medical school in my city... bummer.

After having a horrible roommate situation I decided to move in with my boyfriend. I couldn't be happier!!! [Big Grin] except of course now that it looks like i'll have to move (alone) 7 hours away to go to school. [Frown]

So it seems like i'm still going to play the waiting game...just in case a spot opens up at my 1st choice school. Luckily i've graduated though (yippeee) so now i'm just relaxing, waitressing, and enjoying a few months of no tests before the crazy-ness of medical school begins.

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