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Triumphing over tribulations

14 years 10 months ago #70162 by PremedRN
Hello all! I know, I have been missing in action for quite some time. As you all know I took the MCAT today. Talking about grueling. It felt soo good to step out those doors of the test center and enter the world again after completing the test. To make a long story short, I think I totally blew the PS section, I have no clue about the VR, and the BS I think will be my highest score. It is over and done with now and I wont ponder over it. It feels good not to have that test hanging over my head. We will see what my score says in about uh...8 weeks. What is up with that? I just noticed that I havent mentioned anything about the writing sample, it is what it is--dont think I will get the highest letter, but yet, not the lowest. From what I hear, that score doesnt matter that much.

I havent heard from the medical school about the prosection program, but the apps arent due until May 3.

My cousing carries the gene for hemachromatosis, the way I get it from my cousin is that the GI doc said it was a good thing he doesnt have 2 genes, which tells me that the gene he carries is for the recessive form, yet there is a dominant form which only takes one gene. If then, he is just a carrier, then why is he having to give blood to rid himself of the building up of iron every 3 or so months? Sounds to me like he is affected with the disease which sounds like it is the dominant form? I guess there could be some weird penetrance going on, if my memory serves me right. Oh well, the important thing is he will be okay.

On a different note, finals for me will start in about 2 weeks, then I plan to take a 6 week course. I guess I think I dont have enough to do already! ;)

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14 years 10 months ago #70163 by PremedRN
I just wanted to tell you a cute story:

My grandpa, you know the one that I mentioned before who is illiterate, had to work in cotton fields since age 7,....well I was riding past he and my grandma's house and they were sitting on the porch, I planned on just waving as I passed by but he motioned for me to come back. This was the day after the MCAT. I got out of my car but before I was completely out he said, "Did you take your first lesson?" I was somewhat puzzled by what I call his "old school language", then it dawned on me, he was talking about the MCAT. I smiled real big, and said, "yeah gramps, I took my first lesson." The he goes on as he often does the times I see him about how Ive worked so hard and have gone through soo much that I really deserve to be the doctor I want to be. This makes me feel proud. My grandpa is the type that was never big on compliments, strong and harsh--which was much needed for survival in his lifetime. So it means a lot when the "Chief" gives you a compliment. He is 81 years old has never gone to a doctor, I think it more had to do with Native American tradition. Anyway, we all know that we are not immortal and I was thinking the other day just how much it means to me for him to be at the ceremony (when/if I get into medical school) when I matriculate and don the white coat. I hope we both can make it there.
Im getting to do things educationally that he, my grandma, and many others were somehow denied. But anyway, Gramps, this post goes out to you!

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14 years 10 months ago #70164 by PremedRN
I am soo burned out right now. Ive been trying to force myself to study for Ochem2...I hate Ochem. I like physics better which is kind of odd being that I feel that Im better at Ochem. I better get my butt in gear with finals next week.

Guess Im going to be interviewed for the Prosection Program, just waiting for the Head of the program to call me back to give me an interview time. (He emailed my professor and told him he wanted me to call and set up an interview).

The application cycle is right around the corner, and you know, sometimes I think I am my worst enemy. Despite what you all might think, Im not one of the most confident people in the world. I find myself always filled with self-doubt. I dont know, I think it has to do with having been poverty stricken. You know, so used to thinking that only people who succeed are those on the "other side of the fence." Sometimes when a person has been looked down on for the biggest part of his or her childhood, a certain amt on self-doubt is instilled. It can be hard to totally break free from sometimes. I clutter my thoughts now wondering if b/c for the most part I havent carried a full-load of courses, yet have 6 kids, and a part-time job if I will be frowned upon by admission committees, and if b/c I dont have any research, or a bunch of EC's due to my tight schedule--if I will be eliminated, or b/c my freshman year years ago had a less than rocky start despite mainting a 4.0 for quite sometime is going to hack it. The list can go on and on. Now, I dont always feel this way, only sometimes--probably because Im about to apply to medical school no matter my MCAT score, or whether or not I have to retake it and now I have to get what I call the "willies."

No matter what, I have to look positively into the future, and realize through my experiences I have a lot to bring forth to the table.

Thanks for listening!

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14 years 9 months ago #70165 by PremedRN
Well, finals are over for me. Woo hoo! I know I earned A's in 2 of my classes, we will see what becomes of physics. I am totally done with all my pre-reqs excluding my 1 credit ochem 2 lab I must complete. I am sooo done with ochem lectures, sooo done! yuck. I am taking one more bio/chem class--that is biochemistry. The rest is all humanities stuff, in which I am not confident in. I need to take this 4 week summer course. Class starts Monday. It is called Great Issues I. It is an upper level interdisciplinary studies class that I must take to graduate on time.

I am now starting on the application process for both MD and DO schools. It is a lot of work. Just when ya think the hard stuff is over....
Im also starting to write my personal statement. It is kind of a hard thing to do. There are soo many facets of my life and so little space on a 500 word essay to sum things up and still sound interesting. Hope my scores are good on the MCAT!

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14 years 9 months ago #70166 by PremedRN
I have started back to work and I have been working the ER. Last night we an elderly gentleman come in by ambulance. He was in his 80s and lives alone. His son does his grocery shoping for him and such since he doesnt drive and checks on him everyday by picking up the phone or stopping by. His son had went out of town over the weekend and tried calling him daily but no one picked up the phone. Because of this, he decides to end his trip early. He gets home and drives to his dad's house and finds him lying in the kitchen, confused, and unable to get up. At the ER, I saw the son peeping out of the curtain as if looking for something or someone so naturally I asked if he need something. He replied that he was just waiting and looking around and said his dad was pretty uncomfortable lying on the back board. I walked in the room and low and behold it was my neighbor whom I had lived next to growing up. He had lived in his house for 50 years then decided to move after his wife had died and since the neighboorhood was becoming increasily less hospitable (sp).

I leaned real close to my old neighbor so in his confusion recognizing my face could be easier. I told him who I was and squeezed my hand in his to let him at least feel my caring. He said I couldnt be who I said I was because I was grown up. He was truly confused b/c he didnt move until I was like 20 years old. I never recognized his son b/c he was much older than me and had been gone away in the military. His son told me the story and became tearful. He said it was hard trying to take care of his dad and was trying to let him maintain at least some of his independence and how he had absolutely no one to depend upon to check on him in the event he should need to go out of town again. He had reiterated how he had honestly thought his dad would be okay while he was gone and that usually he wasnt confused.
I immediately gave him my number and told him if he ever ran into that problem again that I would be willing to check in on him. The son's eye's lit up and he thanked me. I reassured him that he would not be intruding on my life if he needed me and that I was truly sincere about my offering. My offering did not relieve him of all his worries, stress, and concern for the future but I know I did a lot for him and his dad by offering my check-ins. I might have not saved any lives in the ER that night as far as codes, etc but I think I made a difference. That is what truly counts. You know that saying, "little things mean a lot." It is true. That is one thing that I have learned in my 6 year service to the patients and families I have cared for. The "little things" are just as important to me as "shocking someone's heart" or giving epinephrine to try and restart it. In the end it is making a difference--whether it be life or death vs happiness or sadness.

I thought Id share that story with you because I was touched by the whole ordeal. I believe it was meant to happen as it did. I work in a different city than the father and son both live and it was just by chance that I was in the ER and the son had chosen for his dad to be taken to my hospital. I normally work on the cardiac floor. Regardless, I was thankful that we crossed paths.

On a more upbeat note, I got a call this morning and I am participating in the Prosection Program I was talking about earlier in my posts! I think it is going to be a neat experience.

I also started my summer class. We got out early today. Normally we will go for 5 hours on Mondays and Wednesday. EEeek. We are reading the bible, plato and all different types of things. The things that REALLY sucks for me is the fact that I will have to write a 10 page paper that is not a research one. and WHY did I pick this degree?

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14 years 9 months ago #70167 by PremedRN
And so the class Im taking now continues to go downhill. I received a C on my first test and Im sure the 2cnd one I just took maybe not much higher. Greek philosphy.......(sigh). Im afraid my friends, this may be the end to my 4.O that Ive been maintaining and for that I am sad. But I guess a person cant be good at everything. :rolleyes:

I was notified today that AMCAS has received my transcripts. It is kind of funny. By reading the email to notify this I felt a true since of accomplishment. I dont know why though, it is just a receipt of what I sent them.

I just got off work not too long ago and the house is really quiet (everyone's in bed). Too bad my evening at work wasnt that way! I was in charge, got admissions, and one of my patients I was taking care of was a wanderer. All those who are reading this who have had patient exposure know what I mean--the word is literal. It is quite sad though. This girl was 21 yrs old, has a heart defect which ultimately lead to her having 2 strokes. She has been hospitalized for over a week with a change in mental status. Although she is doing a lot better, she is confused and much like a child. She still isnt steady enough on her feet. I just lead her along with me back and forth from the nurse's station to the different patients' rooms as I was giving meds and had her wait outside the room holding onto the railing. I had to keep track of her and keep her safe. The floor was chaotic and the aids were busy. This walking kept her busy and left her worn out. She fell asleep peacefully right before I clocked out.

One has got to watch those wanderers. With that thought I have to tell you all a true, funny story. I was working and just had gotten report on the group of patients that I was assigned one evening. One of my patients had some sort of brain surgery (cant remember exactly what now) at some point during his admission. I prioritized which patients I would assess first according to seriousness of their conditions. Well George (I will call him) was like the 3rd on my list to see. I saw my other patients then came upon his room. It was completely empty. I walked around the floor in search of him and was asked "What does he look like?" I said, "Heck, I dont know. I havent even had the chance to even get a first glimpse of the guy but he's 68, bald, balding or grey!!" So me and a few others were searching from him. A food service person heard us talking about my missing patient and said, "I saw a guy down in the cafeteria with a bunch of staples in the back of his head." I said, "Ah ha, that has got to be him." So I hurriedly make it to the cafeteria and low and behold it is George. He Had managed to get dressed and was meadering around in the cafeteria shiny silver staples and all! I just thought the whole thing was hilarious afterwards. The food service guy talking about the guy wandering around with staples in the back of his head. Guess you'd just have to be there! :laughing:

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