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Triumphing over tribulations

13 years 6 months ago #70192 by PremedRN
Okay, so well, after much drama...I have found an apartment to live in as my house has not sold. It is in a very good school district for the kids. It is in an apartment complex--a very nice one, and I get to keep my doggy too!

I'm moving to KC next weekend. Everyone pray for me b/c I'm an emotional wreck!

I see cardiacRN is doing good in med school and that makes me happy! Glad to see things are going well for you Praise. You go girl!

That is it for now, I worked tonight and am tired! :tired:

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13 years 6 months ago #70193 by PremedRN
I'm back after resting! :D Anyhow, like I said I have been an emotional/nervous wreck. First off, I'm moving away from my family and what I mean by that is not just my husband and my stepkids I have been raising, but everyone else too. My grandma and gramps are getting old--and I hope before I leave is not the last time I see them alive (can't believe I just expressed that). I will miss my mom and sisters, as will my kids. You know, that kinda thing. But it is not like I/we can't come back and visit. It is going to be weird not being around my hubby and all 6 kids. I worry about how they will fare with this all as I do with the kids I willing be bringin along with me.

On another worrying note :) , I am concerned about being a single mom just starting med school. I still have yet to find before school care for my 2 young boys. I worry about missing too much school when/if they are sick and I have to leave school to get them from school--as I will have no resources while I am there alone until the house sells and my husband is with me. Most care centers/people won't watch sick kids. I will have my older dtr with me who is 13, so that is a plus. She is nervous about starting a new school and all, but other than that, she is excited. I think she is excited because where we live now, there is just not that many kids her age and we are not in city limits. BORING for a 13yr old! :cool:

Worry list could go on and on but I'm going to quit boring you with that. On the upside, at least I know where I am living now. It appears to be a very nice apartment complex with surrounding small lakes, 1 mi long jogging/walking trail, 2 outdoor pools with decks, tennis and basketball courts. My apartment is pretty big--2BR/2 baths, fireplace, with washer and dryer hook-up. A NECESSITY for me. I couldn't imagine having to do the community laundry thing like most complexes have. I will be way to busy to haul laundry around and stay to finish it in a public facility only at the hours in which they designate for me to do so. For those of you with kids having to do this, you are given my props. :yes:

I do like the fact that KC is warmer and winters are more mild than I am used to. I live an hour east of Chicago and we get A LOT of lake effect snow, sometimes sub-zero temps, and blistering cold winds. That is something I will not miss one bit! Also, gas is cheaper in MO than it is up here.

That is it for now. Oh, one more thing, Kris, I am sooo glad you are in remission! I knew you would pull through! ;)

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13 years 6 months ago #70194 by PremedRN
The best thing that could have possibly happened did yesterday. My family and friends had me a suprise going away party! I was soo shocked and could not believe everyone pulled it off without me knowing! But they did. It was such a good feeling to know that everyone would/could care about me that much! We had food, music, cake, you name it! My grandma was there in her wheelchair (it was at the county park) with my grandpa. They seem to really enjoy themselves. I still am in shock that they threw me a suprise party. I'm still smiling! It is a good feeling. :cloud9:

I'm still trying to get all my ducks in a row as far as paperwork for med school and the kids. It is soo overwhelming, I also need to be getting things more together for the move--like laundry, the blowers on my car fixed, what else?

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13 years 5 months ago #70195 by PremedRN
Ohhh ignorance is bliss. I wish I could go back in time to my last post. A lot has gone since then--and I deferred med school.

My life has been turned up side down and inside out. See, that is what I mean--I wish I was still ignorant to life in general because--then maybe I could be happy.

I have experienced a great loss in my family and well, I guess I'm still trying to get over it, if there is such a thing. I can't go into it right now for reasons of maintaining my sanity.

So, anyhow, the reason I haven't been around, aside from the fact that I did not have my internet connected until 9/13--is because I'm stressed, depressed--you name it. I've lost like 18 pounds over the past 3 months--5 of that, however, was from my jaw issue in June--then stress and my nausea, vomiting, poor appetite accounted for the other 13. I'm certainly a mess but less messier than I have been. That is easier to admit on an anonymous forum. It is a bit embarrassing to be quite frank. I'm supposed to be strong. But I guess even the strong sometimes fall, right?

Everyone here has always been important to me, so I figured you all at least deserve some explanation as to my absence--being that it is not because I'm in med school.

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