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Triumphing over tribulations

15 years 1 month ago #70156 by PremedRN
I ordered the rest of my study materials for the MCAT yesterday. I bought 3 practice tests from AAMC, The Gold Standard (I believe) form more practice tests and such. Im thankful that I have all these materials and most of them were for free. I had a different friend give me audio osmosis. Wow. That is like 200 dollars.

The assistant manager of my floor called for hours for the schedule that starts at the very end of January though February 19. I scheduled myself for every weekend in January until when this new schdule starts to make more money to be off more in the months prior to the MCAT. In addition to this, I knew I wouldnt be having any tests in January since we start back on the 10th. So anyway, I schedule my own hours because Im "resource" (I get paid more to not have insurance, to get no paid time off, and make my own schedule). Since I have not started school, I dont know when my tests are going to be. Im taking difficult courses that require lots of time. I told here I could work 4 hrs on one weekend and 4 hours on the next to safeguard myself in case I had tests. Working a 4 hr shift is not uncommon for resource with a busy life. She said, "You can only give me 8 hours for the whole schedule?" I replied that I didnt know my college schedule of tests and wanted to safeguard myself and in addition to this would be try to study for the MCAT. There is a reason why I am resource, duh. When I dropped from regular staff to resource I was told the minimum I had to work is 8hrs per month or work schedule. She told me it was 16 and added some more extra tid bits to it. I told her that I didnt believe my contract stated so. There are plenty people on my floor who have been "grandfathered" on basis of the conditions they were hired in on involving their contract signings. Now they are trying to add new things to the resource staff like having to work so many holidays, and a certain amount of weekends (which I had already done in the 1st place). I think Im going to call her today and let her know that Im going to be off a month before the MCAT. I cannot be denied my vacation time that I will not be getting paid for. It is like she looks and sees what minimal hours I work on the schedule without taking into account what Im doing during the weekdays. Im a student for petes sake and since I cant guarantee certain hours that are consistent---I am RESOUCE! Im making her sound like a BI, but she wasnt rude or anything. If anyone knows anything about me I cannot stand for someone to think or try to get over on me. Im not at gopher. To me this is just another obstacle to overcome. She had also made the comment that I didnt always have to get straight A's. So does that mean I should slack off do worse so I can please her by working more hours that I dont have to work? NOT.

Sorry guys, Im just flustered over this. Im just venting. This has never been an issue previously..up until they started trying to change things going against nurses's contracts.
Enough of this madness!

My hubby and I went out to dinner lastnight. I cant even tell you the last time we did this. It was great.

Tonight Im going to cook a good New Year's Meal, buy some Welch's sparking grape juice, some balloons and such and we and the all kids will be bringing in the New Year together. I told my husband we better enjoy these nice home cooked meals while we can because If Im as busy as I was last semester we will be back to hot dogs and frozen entrees from GFC (we have to buy in bulk quantities).

Thanks for hearing me out,

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15 years 1 month ago #70157 by PremedRN
I registered for the MCAT today. Today is the first day to register. I wanted to hurry up and get it done so I can take the MCAT at my 1st choice test center which is only 45 minutes away. My 1st choice was at the University of Notre Dame, my 2cnd was Indiana Univeristy-Purdue University Campus (IUPUI) in Indianapolis. Hope I dont have to travel that last one. It is 4 hours away. Guess I could rent a room and spend the night if needed, however. Chicago actually would have been better as 2cnd choice being an hour away as far as distance goes, but I know where IUPUI is and didnt want to get lost in the big city of Chicago.

Still fighting with work over me taking a month of eventhough staff has been given a month's vacation in the past. Only difference is that they got paid and I wont because of my position. So what is the big deal? Im only required to work (now) 16 hours a month, so Im not really relied upon that much to work...not like Id be missed really. I just wanted the month off before the MCAT so I wouldnt have to be worried about going to school, trying to pick up hours and study for the MCAT on top of taking care of the family. I wanted to ensure I would do well. Work had always been on my side until recently. Seems like everyone is against me now. I sometimes wonder if they have issues because Im a nurse who is in pursuit of "crossing to the other side" as it has been sometimes called. One never knows the warped things people think. One thing for sure though, I will survive. ;)

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15 years 1 month ago #70158 by PremedRN
Here it is. The night before another semester begins. Im making chicken enchiladas tonight. I wanted to ensure I made a good, homemade meal before it all starts again. Sad, isnt it? And Im not even in med school yet. Ooooh boy!

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15 years 1 month ago #70159 by PremedRN
Well I got my night made at work. I had this elderly patient hospitalized for alcohol withdrawal who also had a psych history who took it upon himself to take one of the dry erase markers off the dry erase board that was hung in his room (we use it to write what day it is, who the patient's nurse is, etc) and wrote in red on the bathroom wall the following sensored message:

Love, BOB

Oooh, now isnt that something?! The bathrooms in the patient's rooms are all flat paint, so it was not coming off. There was no rhyme or reason for him to have written that but It did make me laugh ridiculously.

I started back to school, so far soo good. Ive had a sub for Ochem 2, since the new professor that I had last semester is in Texas on military duty. He should be back tomorrow. Hope he takes it easy on us this semester!

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14 years 11 months ago #70160 by PremedRN
Hey all. Yeah....Im still around. I have just been soo busy with school and trying to study for the MCAT. I have no social life, and pretty much all I do is stay at home to study and take care of the kids when Im not at work or school. I guess it is not so bad.

The MCAT is fast approaching, and Im getting nervous. I dont know if Im studying the right way, enough, etc. Eek. I only want to take that test once. I hope I can do well enough. It seems like everyone has such confidence in me. To be honest, Im not at all that confident. Just because a person gets really good grades doesnt determine how well they will do on the MCAT.

So besides school and such what has been going on? Well, not much. I beginning to think my genes may not be all that good. There is already color-blindness in my family, I just found out that my cousin Byron is iron-overloaded so he is being tested for the HLA-H gene when if mutated causes hemochromatosis. The thing about it is that he has color-blindness too. I traced the gene back to my mom's sister, who carries the gene. Im begining to get concerned about myself, and my children. Not soo much about being color-blind, but the hemochromatosis. If it goes undiagnosed until later in life (which often happens)it can cause cirrhosis of the liver, iron deposits in joints, heart, etc. So scary. I begin to wonder what other genes may be mutated in my blood lines. My goodness. Anyway, Byron is being scheduled for a liver biopsy to see if and what kind of damage there is, and for the magnitude of iron deposits. He just went in for a physical and they found that his iron levels were sky-rocketed. He says he has been feeling fatigued, and his legs cramped but didnt think much of it until after finding out he may have this disease. So everybody keep your fingers crossed, and pray that everything will be okay whether or not he has this disease.

Talk to you all, later!


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14 years 11 months ago #70161 by PremedRN
Update: My cousing had his liver biopsy yesterday, still dont know the results of his genetic testing.

Well, I have been studying 24/7 for school, MCAT. I am getting so worn out from all this studying to where my eyes still feel like they are straining when Im not studying and I feel that pressure in my forehead. I know you guys know what Im talking about!

Tomorrow Im going to a medical ethics conference hosted by Indiana University School of Medicine's
Doctor of Anatomy. I guess that is how he is titled/how one would refer to him. Anway, he is going to be the head of that Prosection Program that Im trying to participate in. Im going to give him my application in person then, tommorrow. Only about 25 people get to participate--hope Im one of them!

On a different note I have realized I need to refocus. My test scores are dropping and I know it is because Ive been devoting most my time to the MCAT and power-studying for school at the last minute. In Ochem I had a 97, 100 then DROP--an 85. That is enough motivation for me to refocus although the class average was a 50--but hey our professor doesnt curve! I dont want to be sounding to ridiculous so I will end this here! :p

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