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My Personal 3-Ring Circus...Or Should I Say 4....

11 years 4 months ago #70402 by tenger
This is my first post in my journal/diary. I have a lot bound up inside and after I write I feel SOOOO much better!! And hopefully, my story/struggles/victories will bring encouragement or understanding to others :)

So here it goes...

On Jan. 7th 1980 I was born...HA HA HA!!! Just Kidding!!!

I thought about staying in chronological order but I think I will just type what I'm feeling NOW then come back maybe next time and do the "intro".

So I am taking Advanced Bio, Advanced Chem and Pre-Calculus...AHHH!!! It's only the first week of school and I'm totally overwhelmed...I could just be psyching myself out and choosing to feel this way but I'm sure I'll be over it tomorrow!

My toughest class (even though generally, it comes the easiest to me) is my bio class. Mainly just b/c it's been like 10 years since I've taken a bio course at all and that was in HS...and I'm sure that we ALL remember EVERYTHING from then right? :twocents: (LOVE THE SUPPORT) so I'm pretty determined to do it and do it WELL!!

I am trying to keep a good study schedule and study habits. I get up, get myself ready, get my daughter ready and take her to school. Three days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) I go to school and I am able to drop her off those days too. My husband picks her up and we switch roles on Tuesday and Thursdays-he takes her to school and I pick her up!! It's a petty good plan I think...

This gives me a sold 6 hours while she is at school to just be home and focus on studying!! Of course when your lab write ups take 2 hours to do alone, it's gets a bit exhausting on my brain if you know what I mean!! :tired:

I have also tried to eat A LOT more healthy!! And I haven't been supper perfect with it, but I already notice a difference!! Instead of chips for a snack, I cut up cucumber, carrots and peaches. I make my own sandwiches (PBJ's-are the GREATEST THING EVER!!! ) on whole wheat bread I survive on too. I pack water and juice instead of soda. It sustains my energy throughout the day and my focus is a little better and a bit sharper too as the day gets longer and longer. I end with my 3 hour labs so I need all the brain power and focus I can get!!

All my teachers ROCK!!! They are supper amazing and so ready to be there for you it's almost fake...but I have already utilized my chem teachers and bio teacher for help/advice and they are more then willing to do whatever they can to help!! It's a comfort to walk into lecture feeling confident and prepared for what's next!!

So, I'm getting to bed now...it was back to school night for my daughter and I drove straight from school to her school just making it in time!! I commute an hour to school so it was cutting it close!! It all worked out but we all got home a bit late and really tired so I'm taking tonight off from studying and I'm making my flash cards and spending a good solid 5-6 hours studying tomorrow too!!! It's easy while my little girl is in school and my husband is also a student so our house stays pretty calm during the say to facilitate a great environment for knowledge absorption and reading!!

Good Night!!


"Doubt is a halfway point between faith and unbelief"

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11 years 4 months ago #70403 by tenger
Wow...it seems like it's been WEEKS since I started this post!!

I'm tired. Really really tired....kinda stressed about my (what once was one) TWO quizzes on friday-one in chem one in bio. I want to do really good on them since I think it's important to start strong and stay strong. I didn't quite grasp the intensity of my chem class last semester and started off with a D until my second exam. I fought and fought all semester to FINALLY bring it up to a B!! It wasn't due to my inability to know the material, I just wasn't as focused as I needed to be. It discouraged me since the material was the easiest in the beginning and if I couldn't hang with that how was I EVER going to continue on to harder stuff!!
I'm hoping a couple A's to start with will "boost" my courage and self esteem :)

Parking is horrible at my school!! I know I should get used to it since when I get to my university there will be PLENTY of walking, but I seriously walk around 3 miles a day just from the parking lot to my classes. When I get to school ALL the spots, and I mean ALL of them are taken and only the back 40 is open!! Usually not an issue, I don't mind walking, but when your books/backpack weighs 30-40 lbs it HURTS!!! And that's only the first two classes worth, then I walk back, exchange books and return, back and forth, from car to classes....ok I should stop complaining now...

I just found out my sister in law is pregnant!! YAY!! My husband and I get to be an auntie and uncle again!!

Well, I am sitting here typing away and I KNOW I have a ton of studying to do, but my brain feels like it's on strike!!! Maybe just a little R&R tonight and I'll get up a little earlier tomorrow and get in some fresh studying time...

"Doubt is a halfway point between faith and unbelief"

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