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13 years 9 months ago #70454 by Determined
I just can't resist. The diary section was calling me! I must write down my journey, no matter how long and laborious as it may be!

Okay, so here goes... (inhale, exhale)

Let's see... I'm 20 years old , I've been married for one year to a wonderful man and we have no children. This fall will be my third year of college. Unfortunately, because I changed my major 4 times during the course of my freshman and sophmore year, I may be starting over. I started out as a biology major with the ever so popular long term goal of becoming a doctor. Unfortunately, my cowardess prevailed once I took my first college level biology class. Don't get it twisted, I was always a stellar student and the sciences were always my friends, but that first semester kicked my butt! I hate to say this but I think it was partly the professor. Now I know my study habits weren't all that great but this man didn't know how to teach a fish to swim, much less a class full of freshman. On top of that he was so booorrinnggg!!!! If my plan A to become a doctor doesn't work, my plan C is to become a biology teacher/professor. I think high school students and first year college students need professors that can really teach the material, not show us powerpoint presentations of the text!!

Anyway, enough whining..

Fast forward two years, four major changes and a husband later, and I'm back to my original plan to become a doc. Unfortunately, my life is a little more complicated than before. I now have a full time job completely unrelated to medicine, a car note, student loan (you get the picture, I gots bills!) and a husband who doesn't mind my choice to become a doc but doesn't agree with the way I plan on reaching that goal.

I've decided on UGA, done the FAFSA and the app, jsut waiting on my transcripts from the former university attended. One glitch in the plan, they won't release them until I've paid the bill. That's where my loving mother comes in! She has offered to pay the balance, unfortunately time is winding down (I have until June 1) and she keeps putting it off. I am in no position to push her to get it paid so I think I may have to start looking for other options for the fall.

There is a local college, GPC, where I can go ahead and start to get my easy nonmajor related classes out of the way and their app deadline is July 1.

I'm just ready to get started!!

More later, at work, boss keeps trying to peek at the screen!


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