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I can't believe I am here!

13 years 8 months ago #70558 by pschmom1
I can't believe it has been a month since I've posted. I have been so busy with everything else in my life I haven't been on mommd in a while. I figured that I needed to just relax and do something else than wedding stuff. I regret not posting more often for my own sake, ya know, for future references, but it seems like when I do have the time to tool around on here, I feel to burnt and don't have the energy to post in my diary. I need to keep up with it b/c after all, it is for my personal growth.

My spring trig class is going good. I was a little intimidated at first, b/c there are only 2 exams and a quiz every class. The quizzes, however, are only 2 questions so you have to get them both right to get an A. So basically I don't have a lot of overall points to work with. You basically have to get an A on everything to get an A in the class, and her A- starts at 94%. I think I can pull it off though. It was harder in the first 2 weeks just learning all new stuff and getting used to it, but now it's pretty easy. Actually, as we get in to the "hard" stuff as my teacher puts it, I find it rather easy. The other students seem to have a hard time grasping it, yet it is not hard for me anymore. I think I may just learn differently or something, b/c it seems like when I am having a hard time, everyone else gets it and vice verse. I'm happy b/c I can't afford to get anything below an A-!!!

The wedding stuff is really getting down to the nitty gritty. I have 3 months to go. I also have 3 months to go before I am commuting back and forth to school an hour away with my first serious university pre med classes. It is all starting to wear on me and I'm getting stressed out. Not to mention that I've been picking up the yard work to help out Ed. He is so busy with his summer business now. Last summer he hired a few people to do most of it but we need all of the extra money for the wedding so he's really busy with that and his full time job working midnights and his other business. Along with all of the household chores, and considering I'm quite anal about my house, since it's summer, I have all of my flowers and landscaping to care for, the pool (which has been a nightmare thus far this summer)and my spring class. Then I have been taking care of the lawn as far as mowing, weed-waking, edging, seeding, fertilizing, and blowing(grass clippings on driveway asn patio). I have also been taking all of the calls for Ed's tent business and getting that organized. I tell ya, I have been a busy little bee. That is not including all of the wedding planning I have been doing. And speaking of, it is far more stressful than I would have ever imagined. I don't even know where to start with the whole thing. I thought that it wouldn't be so stressful at first, b/c I was so organised and I knew exactly what I wanted but that has all changed. I have been engaged for almost 2 years. Everyone in my bridal party knew they were in it when I became engaged. It seems like everyone is having issues with the financial aspect of it all now when they all had so long to prepare and plan. Which of course is adding stress to me, b/c I have these plans and we have all talked about them for the last year and a half, and now everyone is stressing for money. Every time I get together with them all, one or two of them get huffy about the cost of getting their hair or makeup done or whatever. Even though they all knew about all of this a year and a half ago. It sometimes seems like they are being burdened by my wedding and frankly, I'm getting sick of it. I am not asking for much. I for one, don't see how the hair and makeup thing would be a big concern b/c half of them call me to do their hair and makeup whenever they have a b-day or work party. It's not that much money and it is a wedding, not a night out at the bar. Then, one of my bridesmaids is pregnant and due Dec 12. She told us all today that she plans on having her baby shower before my wedding, b/c she wants to have it outside when it's nice. She has no idea who is throwing it for her, which would be us b/c it is the same circle of friends, yet she has it planned before my wedding. Um WHAT??????????? Maybe she doesn't see the big deal b/c she is pregnant and not doing much of anything, but if everyone is busy with my wedding (which we all are) and everyone is already stressed about finances, how is this going to be possible for all of us to plan a baby shower two weeks before my wedding. Not to mention that she wants 60 people there. How again is that possible? I'm not sure how I'm going to manage school an hour away and my wedding and my everyday family stuff and the finances of my wedding and honeymoon, let alone a baby shower in the very heat of it all. Plus with everyone else's lives and how everyone seems to be having financial issues, I am just confused why she would choose to have this 2 weeks before my wedding! She is not due until Dec! This is just another thing to add to my stress and frustration. I would like to be a big part of her baby shower as I was in her bridal shower, and I would like to get her a nice gift, but that will be impossible before my wedding. I don't see how it will be possible for any of our other friends either as they are all busy and broke. If she decides to have it before my wedding, I am going to be upset. I am stressed as it is and this will just piss me off. We have plenty of time, and I thought you usually had baby showers a month or so before your due not 3 months. She has already expressed to me how I am having the wedding she always wanted and the only reason she didn't have my kind of wedding is b/c she didn't want her in-laws to embarrass her, plus they couldn't afford it. She hasn't seemed very supportive of anything or excited about anything since day one. She is always the first one to leave when we are talking about wedding stuff and the first one to change the subject to herself. I am just shocked that she told us so frank today that she was having her baby shower before my wedding. Then she said she wasn't having it in some "stupid" hall, like I had mine in. Is it just me, or do your friends usually plan your baby shower? She had her wedding reception is a tiny restaurant banquet room (almost everyone hung out in the bar all night), yet a hall is "stupid" for a baby shower? I'm confused. Maybe it's because she wants it before my wedding when it's still nice outside! Or, before my wedding, 3 months before she's due! OK, off the subject. I'm just a little stressed about stuff. I think my stress has taken over in physical form too. I have been getting terrible stomach aches and head aches. No matter what medication I take for them, it doesn't help. I didn't think I was that stressed, but it seems like every time I get with all of my bridesmaids, I get terrible stomach cramps and headaches. I truly don't know what causes them.

Ok, maybe this is why I haven't posted in a while. I seem to be sensitive lately and very nervous about starting school an hour away with full time pre med classes and plan a wedding and now a baby shower. The school alone is stressful but I will do it. I'm just really nervous about missing a week of school to go on my honeymoon. Ok I'm off for now, I'll post again when I relax a bit. I am not bridezilla and I can't see myself being a bridezilla, however, in a way, especially after today, I feel the stress building and the B*#@H creeping up fast!!! :banghead: :censored: :weeping: "Take deap breath"!!!

Good Night,


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13 years 7 months ago #70559 by pschmom1
I have chose not to read my last post as I was not of sound mind. I am, however, doing much better. I just finishes up my spring class today and I am pretty confident that I got an A :D I am officially on the National Dean"s List and I have my bio in a book I guess. It's a nice gesture and it makes me feel good, but I'm not getting to excited over it. I don't know much about it and I don't think it's going to weigh much as far as getting into med school so it's not that a super huge deal. Everything has been going good. Ed had a huge meeting with Detroit Police Dept today for his business and all looks fantastic. He is super excited, but I have to remain calm b/c it is almost too good to be true. I don't know how much I have spoken about this yet, but he started this business which is just getting rolling, and with this meeting today, we are looking at a half million a year with just one city. He is far more skeptical than I and he has been darn neer doing cart wheels today so I tend to feel rather excited. He is very optimistic that we will be millionaires in the next year. It's just a thought that I cannot fathom. I have been asked if I will still continue on and pursue med school and my answer has always been (even now that I can almost taste it) H$LL YES!!! I'm not going to med school for the money. If I wanted money I would go into business. Don't get me wrong, money is nice I guess, I wouldn't know, but I can imagine it would be. But that is the last thing I am going into med school for. Anyways, things are great as of now. My wedding is getting super close and I will be spewing some serious cash within the next few weeks. Hopefully, it all comes back, but regardless, I am having a great time planning it all. Even though things get stressful, I really am enjoying this whole process. I almost don't want it to end. I am sure I will have plenty of things to keep me super busy after it is over though. Ok, that's all for now, I'm sure within the next few weeks I will be freaking out, but all is great now and I love my life! :D

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13 years 6 months ago #70560 by pschmom1
Wow, again I can't believe how long it has been since I have posted. I have just been so super busy. Ok, quick update for myself and for anyone who cares and hasn't given up on my posts! Wedding plans are going great and it is getting really close. Less than 2 months away and I am getting really super nervous and really super excited. I am nervous b/c I have to walk down the isle and everyone will be looking at me. Not like that so much matters, so I really am not sure why I am overly nervous about that. The budget has been crushed as we've had our final consult with the reception hall. The cost of the hall for the estimated guests has almost fulfilled the "original" budget we set in place 2 years ago. :eek: Oh well, what do ya do? Anyways, it seems as though everything will be beautiful. However, there has been a slight change of plans regarding the honeymoon. I was originally going to take my honeymoon the following week after my wedding, but after speaking with my pre med advisor and adjusting my major, that is not going to happen. After a long discussion with my advisor, I have decided to double major in biology and clinical science. My fall semester will be far too hectic for me to take a vacation for a week. I can not afford to miss a whole week of school and even if I do and my professors are ok with it, I would for sure fall behind and I just can not afford that for my grades. After some serious contemplating, we have decided to postpone out honeymoon until the first on Jan until the 6th. We will only have 6 nights instead of 7 but that is better that 16 more weeks of school. I am happy about double majoring and I think it will prepare me for the mcats and prepare me for my first 2 years of med school. Other than school and the wedding everything is going good. I am getting sick of sitting around the house cleaning and watering my crappy flowers. My flowers are crap this year and I am not sure why. Ok, so I guess that is it for now. My story is not all that exciting so sorry to bore anyone that reads it. I will elaborate on more personal things as soon as I have the time to sit and ponder through all of them. As I have had some serious situations going on in my life, I just don't have the time or energy to elaborate right now. Until we meet again!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

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13 years 4 months ago #70561 by pschmom1
OMG!!!! I am in utter shock that It has been so long since I have posted. I am ashamed. Well, I only have a quick sec to update! Ok, so I got married and it was wonderful. I will post a pic as soon as I can. The day was so very emotional and overwhelming. I remained a pleasant bride until I sat down to get my hair done and my hands and body became idle. I then turned into a bit of a BRIDEZILLA!!!! It was such a wonderful day and the only set backs was the rain :weeping: the episode with the best man during dinner at the reception when the EMS had to wheel him out on a stretcher, and the fact that I HATE MY IN-LAWS!!! Other than that it was perfect! Really, more than I could have ever dreamed for. I am so happy with it all and it was all so worth it. We did go about 10k over our budget, but heck, it's just money, right :confused: I haven't posted in so long b/c I have been soooo busy. I have managed to poke around here once or twice, but I haven't had the energy to post. I have so very much to say and catch up on, but there is no time for that right now. School is good but very time consuming with the drive and this darn psy research class. I am going to be volunteering at an awesome teaching hospital by my school and I am really excited about that. It will definitely be a new experience for me considering they have volunteer programs specially designed for pre-meds. I have read up on Kris's blog and e-mailed her post about the paper article to my friends. I have talked a lot about her as if I personally knew her, and we all enjoyed the positive outcome thus far. I will be back soon, I hope, and fill the sketchy details in completely. It is sad that in such an important part of my life, I have neglected to post. That is not going ot benefit my initial purpose for starting this diary. I have just been so darn busy. I will try to make up for it, for my own good, as I am pretty confident anyone (if anyone)who has ever read my blog has totally given up now. May the days be blessed with love, happiness, and good health! Till the next time, Ciao!!

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