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rainy tuesday

11 years 11 months ago #70578 by coffeeandtea
Today has been semi-productive. Woke up before 8 am, got to studying around 9am at Starbucks, until about 11. I'm halfway through with my micro lectures, but haven't touched anything else. Trying to get micro knocked out because the test is Feb 1 and we have the board the next week, before any of our other tests. Boooorrring. Second year is dragging along, but in a way I'm sort of appreciative. I know the Step is going to suck. I know studying for it is going to suck. But I look at hubbie and he has to go to work EVERY DAY practically, and he gets up really early. Third year means no more sleeping in. Of course, it also means no more staring at power points for 80% of the day. :tired:

So I'm annoyed with financial aid. They sent back my money for the semester (I'm living on loans) because they assumed I was taking a leave of absence for the semester. Well, now I'm back, obviously, and my money is almost a month late. They keep giving me the run around about it, and my only saving grace is that hubbie has gotten his loans to fall back on. But really, my brother just died!? Do they really have to make my life any harder right now?

I also left home and our adorable puppy to park on campus only to find out that the mandatory class I came for has been rescheduled for tomorrow. Now I've got to trek it through the rain and then pay money to get out of the garage. grrr.

Well, enough griping. Two good things today- I went to the newly renovated grocery store nearby, and it is AMAZING! There aren't many cool places to shop around here, but they've completely revamped this place and it even has a organic section and a foreign foods sections. Plus all of these samples of cheese at the gourmet cheese bar (crazy!) and a sushi bar! So that was exciting. I actually love grocery shopping, as weird as that sounds. And I've just started my eating healthy kick, so I got tofu and stuff to make wraps, soup, and a huge bag of grapefruits. I don't really like tofu but I'm going to learn to like it because it is CHEAP! REally cheap. Five servings of this stuff is 1.99- so much cheaper than meat! And it's low in fat and high in protein. So I'm going to really try to like this stuff.

Anyway, I have to run like five more random errands and then try to get my date straightened out for the STEP 1. It seems like they'd make the process easier, considering the test itself is so painful. Cut us a little slack! :banghead:

Oh well, I'll be back soon. The rain has actually stopped, so I'm going to make a run for it.

love, coffeeandtea

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