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My somewhat normal (but not for long) life

9 years 10 months ago #73792 by dreamerRN
How I long to be in school for something! I'm not good at coming up with independent study, although that's why I kept all of my textbooks. And the CEUs I have to do for nursing are all so mind-numbingly basic. I have access to CME for physicians, which I like to do to challenge myself, but they don't count towards my licensure. Instead I have to read about lateral violence among nurses.
Anyway, baby is coming along nicely. He likes to use my liver as a hat, so it is lodged up in my ribs (my liver, that is). He also likes to tap dance on my bladder. We're getting the nursery together, and my shower is coming up. I'm getting very antsy, like a kid before school lets out for the summer. I still can't believe sometimes that I'm going to have a baby.
The healthcare reform bill has passed. I am curious to see what that means for the healthcare feild. I was very optimistic, but many of the physicians I work with are not. I'm disappointed that it didn't include tort reform. SOMETHING had to be done, that's for certain. I don't know if this was the solution. It hasn't really been discussed on MomMD, and that surprises me.
I've had some moments in which I was proud to be a nurse lately. I also have been feeling melancholy about giving up my role as a nurse, to be honest.
Frankly, with the economy the way it is, and the healthcare system the way it is, I've been wondering whether it is fiscally responsible to pursue medical school. Choosing a career in medicine is not about money, but one also has to consider one's future finances. I'm already 60K in the hole for nursing school. Tuition is at the very least staying the same, and if salaries for physicians drop, I'm worried it might not be a sound investment. I have a family to consider. I don't expect to be a millionaire, but I want to be able to go on vacation or buy my kids a new toy or myself a massage without fretting about every penny the way I do now. If I won the Mega Millions, my choice would be so easy! We've already discussed what we would do! Put the majority in savings and live off the interest. Buy a house, hire a nanny, and get my MD, then an MPH, then a PhD in virology. I'd do pro-bono psychiatry work in inner-city clinics. (DH says I'm the only person who would continue school if I won millions of dollars). Lottery winnings should be based on what you would do with the money, what benefit you would provide to society if you were suddenly a millionaire. I have socialist leanings.

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