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13 years 9 months ago #70700 by chocolesq
The past two years, I have been telling myself one thing. As long as I ace the MCATS (or at least do decently) I will go to med school and the time period I am waiting to start school will be a breeze....BOY was I WRONG..I finally found a school I want to go to (Baylor..LOVELY med school)..got into the MD/PhD program I wanted (7years?)..NOW I'm stressed about where I am going to live. I was advised to buy a condo (did I mention SEVEN YEARS?) which I promptly began the process of searching. Well I found the house of my dreams but now I'm soo stressed about all the little things I have to finalize before I can get the place. This week I finally find out whether or not I will be approved for my mortgage...word to the wise..just coz you don't believe in credit cards and just use the money you have doesnt mean you SHOULDN'T get a credit card...America runs on credit, I have learned this the hard way...I'm workin two jobs stressing trying to meet the requirements for the loan but sometimes I feel like givin up just gettin an apartment and calling it a day...oh I have a question..can you be a med student and STILL have a dog?? I want a dog desperately

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